05.30.14 — The Friday Crossword

James Dean as Call Trask in the bean fields, East of Eden, 1955


Friday, May 30, 2014

Puzzle by James Mulhern / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Any of the three authors of “Pull My Daisy”, BEAT POET; 9. They produce minimal distortion, HIFIS; 14. He may have many lines, LADIES MAN; 16. Monomer of proteins, informally, AMINO; 17. Elicit a “T.M.I.”, OVER-SHARE; 18. Like about 30% of 51-Across, belief-wise, HINDU; 19. Head of communications?, TELE; 20. 1,000-pound weight units, KIPS; 21. Suffered a face-plant, ATE IT; 22. Rugby-to-Reading dir., SSE; 23. Novel title character called “My sin, my soul”, LOLITA; 25. Cry of contempt, PAH; 26. Trip, MISSTEP; 27. Appeal to, GRAB; 28. Light on TV or Broadway, JUDITH; 31. Star of Bombay, e.g., SAPPHIRE; 33. Cousin of cumin and corlander, ANISE; 34. Arrested, RAN IN; 35. Riveting piece, perhaps, MUST-READ; 39. Nickeled-and-dimed?, MINTED; 40. Award with a Best Upset category, ESPY; 41. Its flag includes an image of a nutmeg clove, GRENADA; 43. Appeal formally, SUE; 44. A gogo, GALORE; 45. Prefx with pressure or point, ACU; 48. “Our Gang” girl, DARLA; 51. Its flag includes an image of a cocoa pod, FIJI; 52. Old Brown Dog and others, ALES; 53. Old pitcher of milk?, ELSIE; 54. Next to, ALONGSIDE; 56. Budget alternative, ALAMO; 57. Try, TAKE A STAB; 58. DuPont development of 1935, NYLON; 59. Subject that includes women’s suffrage and the Equal Rights Amendment, HERSTORY.

Samson and Delilah, Guercino, 1654

Down — 1. Stains, BLOTS; 2. Homebuilders’ projections, EAVES; 3. Best New Artist Grammy winner of 2008, ADELE; 4. One needing pressure to perform well, TIRE; 5. Ovid’s foot, PES; 6. Midwest city named for a Menominee chief, OSHKOSH; 7. Potential virus sources, E-MAILS; 8. Bone preservation locations, TAR PITS; 9. Reaction to a card, HA HA; 10. Tag statement, I’M IT; 11. Often-overlooked details, FINE PRINT; 12. “Imagine” Grammy winner of 2010, INDIA ARIE; 13. County seat on the St. Joseph River, SOUTH BEND; 15. Beverage brand portmanteau, NESTEA; 23. Engine measure, LITER; 24. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, APP; 26. Like areas around waterfalls, MISTY; 27. Major cocoa exporter, GHANA; 28. Oscar nominee for playing Cal Trask, JAMES DEAN; 29. Very, very, UNUSUALLY; 30. Opposite of aggregation, DISPERSAL; 32. What “ruined the angels,” per Ralph Waldo Emerson, PRIDE; 36. Prod, EGG; 37. One of Time magazine’s cover “Peacemakers”, ARAFAT; 38. Wily temptress, DELILAH; 39. Jason, for one, MARINER; 42. “For real”, NO JOKE; 45. Co-worker of Kennedy starting in 2006, ALITO; 46. Cigar box material, CEDAR; 47. Words before a date, USE BY; 49. Wheels of fortune?, LIMO; 50. Unit in a geology book, AEON; 52. ASST supt.; 55. Juice, GAS.


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