05.18.14 — Oh, Who?

Thatched Roof Cottage, Ireland


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Oh, Who?” — Puzzle by Joe DiPietro / Edited by Will Shortz

Nine “Irish name/vocation” puns constitute the main feature of this sunny Sunday crossword:

ANGIE O’GRAM (22a. Irish chemist?), e.g., angiogram
WILL O’TREES (24A. Irish arborist?), willow trees
JEAN O’TYPING (32A. Irish secretary?), genotyping
COREY O’GRAPH (47A. Irish algebra teacher?), choreograph
PATTY O’FURNITURE (63A. Irish woodworker?), patio furniture
NATE O’SUMMIT (83A. Irish mountain climber?), NATO summit
JUNE O’ALASKA (96A. Irish dogsled racker?), Juneau, Alaska
MAE O’CLINIC (110A. Irish health care worker?), Mayo Clinic
MEL O’YELLOW (112A. Irish painter?), Mello Yello

Other — BIG IN JAPAN (3D. Like some bands with only modest Western popularity), CARNAP (14D. Steal, as a vehicle), CLERK’S TALE (15D, Chaucer work that invokes the book of Job, with “The”), INGEMAR Johansson, 1959-60 world heavyweight champion, Director JOSEF von Sternberg, OZARKS (48D. Springfield Plateau area), PAPER LACE (107A. Band with the 1974 #1 hit “The Night Chicago Died”), PHOTONS (4D. Light quanta), PUT ‘ER THERE (69D. “Let‘s shake!”), SAD-EYED (92D. Depressed-looking), SHOOTS UP (31D. Riddles with bullets), TARSAL (66D. Foot bone), TEN KS (85D. Some distance races), TOOK ILL (82D. Got sick), TOPEE (37D. Pith helmet), TOSS A SALAD (72D. Prepare the first course, say), UTENSILS (58D. Setting set), Harvey WEINSTEIN of Hollywood.


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