05.27.14 — BOOKENDS

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Puzzle by James Tuttle / Edited by Will Shortz

BOOKEND (37A. Shelf prop … or a hint to both parts of the answers to the six starred clues) heads the interrelated group of this clever Tuesday crossword:

OPEN SOURCE (18A. *Like software that can be freely used and altered)
FLIP PHONE (26A. *Samsung or LG product)
MATCH PLAY (47A. *Tournament competition)
SCHOOLWORK (55A. *Class assignments)
BABY BLUE (3D. *Like many a heartthrob’s eyes)
GOODYEAR (38D. *Company whose logo includes the winged foot of Mercury)

Other — DETROIT (45A. Tiger’s home), DOSSIER (32A. F.B.I. file, e.g.), HINDI (8D. Language that gave us “guru” and “pundit”), MERRIER (41A. More cheerful around the holidays, say), PETS (40D. Strokes … or ones getting stroked), PRORATE (42D. Divide appropriately), STEELER (4D. Pittsburgh pro).


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