05.04.14 — Double Edged


Sunday, May 4, 2014

“Joined Sides”  — Puzzle by Mary Lou Guizzo
Edited by Will Shortz

DOUBLE EDGED (70A. Like some swords … or a hint to this puzzle’s theme), along with (clockwise) BARRELED, AGENT, HEADER, ROOM, TEAM, BED, CROSSED, STANDARD, HELIX, DECKER, BOND, TAKE, DIP and BASSOON surrounding the puzzle's edges constitutes the main feature of this very sharp Sunday crossword.

Clues on the edge — 1A. Like many shotguns; 9A. Mole; 14. Back-to-back games; 19D. Hotel accommodation for more than one; 41D. Gang up on, as in basketball; 74D. Relative of a twin; 101D. Betrayed; 129A. Source of some discrimination; 128A. Genetic structure; 127A. Classic London transport; 112D. Attraction in a carbon dioxide molecule; 79D. Reaction of surprise; 53D. Commit a chip-eating faux pas; 1D. Wind instrument pitched an octave lower than its smaller cousin.

Other — Singer Christina AGUILERA; ARIANNA Huffington of the Huffington Post; BOOLEAN (112A. Kind of algebra); CLEARS THE AIR (105A. Dispel differences); DEBUT ALBUM (60A. The Who’s “My Generation” e.g.); OLIVER STONE and VIETNAM (34A. “Platoon” director; 29A. “Platoon” setting); PERCALES (121A. Some sheet fabrics); Leonardo PISANO, a.k.a. Fibonacci; SCENARIO (27A. What a detective tries to reconstruct); SHTETLS (75A. Old Jewish villages); SINCLAIR (23A. Oil and gasoline giant); TANAGER (91D. Brightly colored bird); TITLE ROLES (79A. Thelma and Louise, e.g.).


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