05.03.14 — Long, Luscious Legs

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Puzzle by Sam Ezersky / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Is guilty of disorderly conduct?, MAKES A MESS; 11. Not much, A TAD; 15. Accompaniment for a 17-Across, OPERA MUSIC; 16. Film featuring Peter Sellers as a matador, with “The”, BOBO; 17. Kid getting into treble, BOY SOPRANO; 18. Gym request, SPOT; 19. Indication that you get it, I SEE; 20,. DIETZ & Watson (big name in deli meat); 22. Indication that you don’t get it, HUH; 23. Played a club, maybe, LED; 24. What to call some femmes: Abbr., MME; 26. Hand-held game device WII REMOTE; 28. Wedding gown accessory, TIARA; 30. 1997 role for Will Smith, AGENT J; 31. David, e.g., PSALMIST; 34. Fish also known as a blue jack, COHO; 35. One with long, luscious legs, ALASKAN KING CRAB; 38. Wagers, LAYS; 39. Trail, COME LAST; 40. Geek Squad service, PC HELP; 43. Internal development?, FETUS; 44. Many party hacks, HEELERS; 46. Word in the titles of six songs by the Beatles, SHE; 47. TV monitor, for short, FCC; 50. Quantity that makes another quantity by adding an “m” at the front, ANY; 51. Intimated, GOT AT ; 53. Sociologist KARL Mannhem; 54. Teriyaki go-with, SAKE; 56. 1971 song that was the “CSI: NY” theme, BABA O’RILEY; 59. Cry that makes children run away, I’M IT; 60. Performed hits at a concert?, SLAM DANCED; 61. Some home-schoolers get them, brieflyGEDS; 62. 1920s scandal, TEAPOT DOME. 

Down — 1. Brand pared with On the Run convenience stores, MOBIL; 2. Strike A POSE; 3. Excited, with “up”, KEYED; 4. Source of the word “trousers”, 5. Common word on a Portuguese map, SAO; 6. Tour tote, AMP; 7. Organized crime enforcers of th 1930s- 40’40s, 8. ESAI Morales of film; 9. Power cord?, SINEW; 10. Burns’s land, to Burns, SCOTIA; 11. ABS of steel; 12. First place, TOP HONORS; 13. “Since you mentioned it …”, ABOUT THAT; 14. Cut it, DO THE JOB; 21. Slalom path part, ZIG; 24. What some formulas are based on, MILK; 25. 24-Down producer, informally, MAMA; 27. Large magnets?, MECCAS;28. One hanging by a thread?,TASSEL;29. Want from,, ASK OF; 31. Boston, Chicago or Kansas, PLACE NAMES;  32. Follower of the Sultan of Swat in career homers, SAY-HEY KID; 33. Email attachment?, TIME STAMP; 35. Warren Buffett’s college fraternity, informally, ALPHA SIG; 36. Where to find Edam and Gouda: Abbr., NETH; 37l. Bond film, GLUE; 41. Tour part, LEG; 41. Moderator of Tribal Councils on TV, PROBST; 45. Like some humor, STALE; 47. “Nurse Jackie” star, FALCO; 48. Bygone publication subtitled “America’s Only Rock ‘n Roll Magazine, CREEM; 49. 1967 title role for Warren Beatty, CLYDE; 52. Rhyme pattern at the end of a villanelle, ABAA; 53. Clement, KIND; 55. Coneheads, e.g., for short, ETS; 57. Lead-in to meter, ODO; 58. Singer, RAT.


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