05.08.14 — Paradox

Relativity, M. C. Escher, 1953


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Puzzle by Matthew Lees / Edited by Will Shortz

PARADOX (34A. What 3- and 9-Down are an example of), NINE DOWN IS FALSE (3D. Statement #1) and THREE DOWN IS TRUE (9D. Statement #2) constitute the main feature of this Thursday crossword.

Other — ANGELS (21A. Many figures of “The Last Judgment” in the Sistine Chapel), AROUSES (35D. Piques), AZORES (25A. Santa Maria is one of them), COWGIRL (8D. Lassoing lass), CREEP and SO AND SO (20D and 14D. Scoundrel), EXERCISE (19A. Hit the gym), LOST SOUL (43A. Person without direction), NOISY SNORERS (5D. Like 4-Down; 4D. Bad bedfellows, say), OBIES (28D. Annual May announcements), PA SYSTEM (50A. Medium for school announcements), UNDERDOG (27A. David, when taking on Goliath), X AND Y (36D. Familiar axes).

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