05.31.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Colonel Theodore Roosevelt 
in his Rough Riders uniform on October 26,1898


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Puzzle by John Lampkin / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Cause of an artery blockage, STREET FAIR; 11. Some working parts, COGS; 15. Foam item at a water park, POOL NOODLE; 16. Coming up, to milady, ANON; 17. Follower of Roosevelt, ROUGH RIDER; 18. Jordan’s Mount NEBO, from which Jericho can be seen; 19. Innards, ENTRAILS; 20. Black hat, OUTLAW; 22. Sect in ancient Judea, ESSENES; 23. Lacking backing, SOLOING; 24. E. R. units, CCS; 25. Protective, in a way, PATERNAL; 26. Missouri city, informally, ST JOE; 29. Knuckle-bruiser, MELEE; 30. “Discreet Music” musician, ENO; 31. Ludwig MIES van der Rohe; 32. “In”, LIKED; 33. Seizure, GRAB; 34. Field of fields?: Abbr., AGR; 35. Acoustic units, SONES; 36. Hunter of a 20-Across, POSSE; 37. Standbys, RESERVES; 39. “DAS Nibelungenled”; 40. Like hospital patients and much lumber, TREATED; 41. Ephemeral, PASSING; 45. “Saving Fish From Drowning” author, AMY TAN; 46. Carry on, CONTINUE; 47. Mom on “Malcolm in the Middle”, LOIS; 48. Free, EMANCIPATE; 50. ETTA James of jazz; 51. Hallmarks of Hallmark, SENTIMENTS; 52. Old TV news partner of David, CHET; 53. Visual expertise, TRAINED EYE.

Down — 1. Tear, SPREE; 2. Pluto and Bluto, e.g., TOONS; 3. Debacles, ROUTS; 4. Some Prado hangings, EL GRECOS; 5. Intensify, ENHANCE; 6. Conservative side, TORIES; 7. Some candy wrappers, FOILS; 8. Interjects, ADDS; 9. ILE Sainte-Croix; 10. Established n a new place, as a shrub, REROOTED; 11. Hymn leader, CANTOR; 12. They may be thrown out to audiences, ONE LINERS; 13. Flip out, GO BANANAS; 14. One left shaken?, SNOW GLOBE; 21. Lead role in the film known in France as “L’Or de la Vie”, ULEE; 23. Brokers’ goal, SALES; 25. Some lap dogs, PEKES; 26. Class clown, e.g., SMART ALEC; 27. A woolly bear becomes one, TIGER MOTH; 28. Springsteen, notably, JERSEYITE; 29. Like diamonds and gold, MINED; 32. Trysting site, LOVE NEXT; 33. Dished, GOSSIPED; 35. Overseas deb: Abbr., SRTA; 36. Hobby, PASTIME; 38. Distresses, EATS AT; 39. 1978 Broadway revue that opens with “Hot August Night”, DANCIN‘; 41. Rialto and others, PONTI; 42. Cuckoo, INANE; 43. Cuckoo, NUTTY; 44. Big V, maybe, GEESE; 46. Veronese’s “The Wedding at CANA”; 49. Bleu body, MER.


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