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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Puzzle by Brandon Hensley / Edited by Will Shortz

ALIEN ABDUCTION (1A. With 6-Across, subject of an eerie rural legend … illustrated by connecting nine identically filled squares in the puzzle with a closed line) along with ET in the nine squares and, of course, one COW, constitutes the main feature of this clever and humorous Thursday crossword.

Other — ANTARCTIC (18A. Far south?), BEARDLESS (65A. Clean-shaven), CLOS[ET] (19a. Site of many hangings), CORON[ET] (10D. Ornamental headpiece), [COW]ARDS and [COW]ERS (55A. Some runners; 55D. Reacts fearfully), [ET]ICK[ET] (42A. Purchase on delta.com, e.g.), FIRE EATER (56A. One feeling warm on the inside?), GENII (17A. Whizzes), MIDPOINTS (16A. Bisectors pass through them), NAIL S[ET] (5D. Tool used with a hammer), OMOO (29D. Polynesian term for an island hopper), OVER-EXERT (63A. Push too far), REEKING (45A. Raising a stink?), ROS[ET]TE (23D. Flower-shaped decoration) TE[ET]HES (29D. Gets choppers), TE[ET]OTAL (27A. Not believe in spirits), T[ET]ES (40A. Guillotine targets).


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Scott said...

I enjoy almost every NYT puzzle, but I REALLY enjoyed this puzzle!