05.05.14 — Nothing


Monday, May 5, 2014

Puzzle by Lynn Lempel / Edited by Will Shortz

IT’S ABOUT NOTHING (61A. Why this puzzle is like “Seinfeld”?), along with ZERO, NIL, NADA and AUGHT buried within four answers constitutes the interrelated group of this Monday crossword:

WURLITZER ORGAN (17A. Instruments played at theaters during silent films)
TRINI LOPEZ (23A. Singer with the 1963 hit “If I Had a Hammer”)
JOHN ADAMS (36A. First president to live in the White House)
LAUGH TRACK (56A. Ha-ha producer in a sitcom)

Other — DORMANT (29A. Inactive, as a volcano), IMAGINE (45D. Lennon song with the lyric “You may say I’m a dreamer …“), LACONIC (46D. Terse), LIP READ (48A. Understand speech without hearing), ORSON Welles of “Citizen Kane”, RICOTTA (41D. Cheese stuffed in stuffed shells), SESTETS (12D. Ensembles for six), SQUIRMY (2D. Having ants in one’s pants), TIN MINE (11D. Source of a metal once used for foil).


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