05.10.14 — Saturday Spelunk

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Prop for Kermit the Frog, BANJO; 6. It’s big in the suburbs, MCMANSION; 15. Kind of acid, OLEIC; 16. Something you shouldn’t knock, CRAZY BONE; 17. What dots may represent, TOWNS; 18. “Stay cool!”, DON’T PANIC; 19. CHEX mix; 20. Ready to play, with “up”, CUED; 21. N.F.L. stat: Abbr., INT; 22. HAREM pants; 24. Source of the phrases “cakes and ale” and “milk of human kindness”: Abbr., SHAK; 25. Belize native, MAYA; 26. What “II” or “III” may indicate, SEQUEL; 28. Profession of Clementine’s father in “Oh My Darling, Clementine”, MINER; 29. R.A.F. award, DSO; 32. Shrimp, RUNT; 33. Small job for a gardener?, BONSAI; 34. Noble one, RARE GAS; 36. Spelunker’s aid, LANTERN; 37. High, ELATED; 38. Somethng cited in a citation, WORK; 39. Suffix with transcript-, ASE; 40. Uber ALLES; 41. Origin of the word “behemoth”, HEBREW; 43. Architect MIES van der Rohe; 44. Knockout, BABE; 45. Where Chekhov lived and Tolstoy summered, YALTA; 49. Big Apple ave., LEX; 50. Half of a matched set, HERS; 51. Inadequate, POOR; 52. Girl n “The Music Man” with a floral name, AMARYLLIS; 55. Nil, ZIPPO; 56. Desktop item, NAMEPLATE; 57. Elite unit, A-TEAM; 58. Capital on the Raccoon River, DES MOINES; 59. Something from the oven, PIZZA.

Down — 1. Mangle, BOTCH; 2. ALOHA Tower (Pacific landmark); 3. More green, NEWER; 4. Spelling problems?, JINXES; 5. Brass maker: Abbr., OCS; 6. Year that Chaucer died, MCD; 7. It follows a pattern, CROCHET; 8. Stick, MANUAL; 9. 2001-05 Pontiac made in Mexico, AZTEK; 10. Org. n 1950s-’60s TV’s “Naked City”, NYPD; 11. Govt. lender, SBA; 12. Where Syracuse is a port, IONIAN SEA; 13. Elderly, ON IN YEARS; 14. Relative of ocher, NECTARINE; 23. Where many accidents occur, MERGES; 24. Lies out, SUNS; 25. Philadelphia tourist attraction, MINT; 27. Target of a squat, for short, QUAD; 28. 1960s dance, with “the”, MONKEY; 29. State of sleep, DREAMLAND; 30. Student loan source, familiarly, SALLIE MAE; 31. Third-year hurdles, for some, ORAL EXAMS; 33. 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate, BARR; 35. Lycee breaks, ETES; 36. Temporal LOBE; 38. It may come from a cookie, WEB SITE; 41. Kentucky county in a 1976 Oscar-winning documentary, HARLAN; 42. Forest ranger?, WAPITI; 44. Melvin who was called “The King of the Torts”, BELLI; 46. Ruy LOPEZ (chess opening); 47. Relative of ocher, TOPAZ; 48. Something from the oven, AROMA; 50. Shot deliverer, HYPO; 53. Radiation unit, REM; 54. French possessive, SES; 55. Use a laser on, ZAP.


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