05.11.14 — Mother's Day

Sunday, May 11, 2014 — Mother’s Day 

“For Mother” — Puzzle by Peter A. Collins
Edited by Will Shortz

“Happy Mother’s DAY!“, along with MOM spelled out diagonally with the black squares of the grid, two sets of unchecked squares spelling MOM within the large M’s, and the fill-in-the-blank mothers JONES, TERESA, LODE, SHIP, TONGUE, GOOSE, HUBBARD and COUNTRY constitute the main feature of this fine Mother’s Day crossword.

Other —  ALLIANCE (83A. “Survivor“ tactic), AMERICANA (123A. Smithsonian artifacts), AVANT-GARDE (59D. Pushing the envelope, say), CLARA BOW (63A. The original “It” girl), DON’T START IN ON ME (48D. Words to one who‘s about to go off), DREW BREES (29A. New Orleans Saint who was the Super Bowl XLIV M.V.P.), I’M SO SURE (8D. “Yeah, right!”), ISSY (127A. Paris suburb on the Seine), JOE BIDEN (14D. Politician who appeared as himself on NBC‘s “Parks and Recreation“), LAUGH LINES (74D. Most people don’t think they’re funny), LEUMI (74A. Bank of Israel), MATURATION (28D. Coming of age), NUTRIA (39A. Rodent that burrows near streams), OVOLO (22A. Quarter-rounded molding), PALISADES (109A. Pointed fence stakes), PLATELETS (23A. Agents in blood clotting), POLE BARN (55A. Simple storage unit on a farm), PUTTING ON WEIGHT (7D. Backsliding, to a dieter), REDHEAD (41A. Prince Harry, for one), SHIH-TZU (98A. Literally, “lion dog“), TEA CART (93A. Pot pusher’s vehicle?).


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Not Fred said...

What is the 76A clue have to do with TOLLFREE?

DONALD said...

800 is a "toll free" number in communications, e.g., telephone...