06.21.15 — Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Climbing the Corporate Ladder," Puzzle by Timothy Polin
Edited by Will Shortz

Seven answers that step upwards with a corporate name as the central down answer constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword: 
  • POSTAGE STAMP with SEGA (31A. What may be forever?; 14D. Video games)
  • TRUE/FALSE TESTS with TESLA (34A. Exams that students get F’s on?; 5D. Automobiles)
  • THREE KINGS DAY with NIKE (62A. Annual celebration on January 6; 47D. Sportswear)
  • IN THAT RESPECT with SERTA (75A. When viewed one way; 55D. Mattresses)
  • HOW WAS I TO KNOW with OTIS (82A. Response deflecting blame; 68D. Elevators)
  • SETS IN MOTION with OMNI (116A. Initiates; 101D. Hotels)
  • LOGICAL FALLACY with AFLAC (118A. Part of an unsound argument; 99D. Insurance)
Other — ASHBIN (16D. Garbage collector); HANNIBAL (82D. General defeated by Scipio, ending the Second Punic War); HOLY WATER (35A. Liquid harmful to vampires); IDLE HANDS (97A. The Devil’s workshop, as the saying goes); INSIDIOUS (75D. Sneaky); MEETING UP (54D. Getting together); RICE CAKES (37D. Crunchy snacks); SEAT BELTS (49A. Lighted icons on airplanes); SEXOLOGY (9D. Study for a Masters?); SUGARLOAF (2D. Ro de Janeiro peak); THE ARTIST (65A. First silent film to win Best Picture since “Wings”). 


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