06.18.15 — ONYM

Mount Everest


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Puzzle by Jason Flinn / Edited by Will Shortz

Common phrases with ONYM added constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword:

MOUNTAIN TOPONYM (17A. The Olympics or Andes Mints)
BLACK ANTONYMS (23A. White and lighted)
MORTAL SYNONYM (39A. Deadly or human)
NEW YORK METONYMS (51A. Wall Street and Madison Avenue)

Other — AEROSMITH (15A. “Sweet Emotion“ band); ALEK Wek; AMPULE (25D. It may hold the solution); ANTIOCH (5D. Third-largest city of the Roman Empire); ATHENIANS (53A. One side in the Peloponnesian  War); BREAM (23D. European cap); ERICH Segal; LOOPHOLE (9D. Something exploited by a tax adviser); MONSOON (38D. Rainmaker?); NINTENDO (35D. Company that owns the Seattle Mariners); RAN TRACK (4D. Was a high school sprinter, say); REDYES (40D. Changes the locks again?); SALEM (28D. It “refreshes naturally,“ in old ads); SAMI (1D. Arctic residents); SMOKEY and STICKY; William STYRON. 


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