06.28.15 — The Final Word

Sunday, June 28, 2015

“Getting in the Final Word” — Puzzle by Jeremy Newton
Edited by Will Shortz

In this Sunday afterthought crossword, the final word of a phrase is formed by ignoring the first section’s crossing letter resulting in a shorter word.
  • JUST with CAUSE (3D. With 18-Across, “Tobe on the safe side…”; 18A. Gay rights, e.g.), results in JUST IN CASE.
  • KEEPING with MIND (16D. With 21-Across, remembering; 21A. Like some enemy waters), KEEPING IN MIND
  • WHAT HAPPENS with VEGANS (30A. With 13-Down, shorthand pact for a wild trip; 13D. Unlikely butchers), WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS
  • YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND with MOE (52A. With 49-Down, 1995 Oscar-nominated Pixar theme song; 49D. Good name for a lawn care guy), YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME
  • COULD YOU PUT THAT with WRITHING (80A. With 58-Down, request for an official document; 58D. Twisting)
  • DOUBLED OVER with PAIN (101A. With 90-Down, reacting a to a gut punch, perhaps; 90D. Bristol, for one), DOUBLED OVER IN PAIN
  • CALLING with SLICK (87D. With 104-Across, talking with a fake rasp; perhaps; 104A. Cleverly crafted), CALLING IN SICK
  • CAME with LAST (109D.  With 125-Across, got the booby prize; 125A. Tiniest thing), CAME IN LAST
Other — ADMIT IT (88D. “Fess up!“); ECLECTIC (107A. Diverse); EDAMAME (10D. Sushi bar appetizer); EVANESCENT (12D. Not here for long); MOO SHU PORK (74D. Chinese dish often wrapped in pancakes); NAG, NAG, NAG (23A. “Geez, get off my back already!”); NO CHANCE ((59D. “Forget it!“); OPIUM DEN (36D. Smoke-filled establishment); TOWN DRUNK (114A. Stock character like Mayberry‘s Otis); ST. PETER (89A. Guard at a gated community?).


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