06.23.15 — The Road to Bali

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Puzzle by Jules P. Markey / Edited by Will Shortz

The 1952 film of ROAD TO BALI is the main feature of this Tuesday crossword, with a string at the top starting with ROAD and leading to BALI at the bottom on the puzzle, e.g., ROAD, TOAD, TOLD, BOLD, BALD, BALI:

BROMANTIC COMEDY (16A. Modern-day genre for the 1952 film whose title is suggested by a word ladder starting at 1-Across)
HOPE AND CROSBY (24A. The film’s headliners)
DOROTHY LAMOUR (40A. The film’s co-star)
SONG AND DANCE MEN (52A. Occupations of 24-Across in the film)

Other — APER (23A. Impressionist); AUTO (13A. What drives on a parkway and parks on a driveway); CAPRIS (18D. Women’s casual pants); COP CAR (38D. Black-and-white); EDDA (47D. Icelandic saga); LOCO (45D. Batty); ORONO (25D. Maine college town); Soprano YMA Sumac; UTNE Reader; Wisconsin v. YODER (landmark 1972 Supreme Court case on religious freedom).


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