06.15.15 — Magna Carta

King John on a Stag Hunt
The National Portrait Gallery 
History of the Kings and Queens of England by David Williamson


Monday, June 15, 2015

Puzzle by Mike Buckley / Edited by Will Shortz

Eight-hundred years ago to the day, the MAGNA CARTA (19A. Document issued on June 15, 1215) was sealed by KING JOHN at RUNNYMEDE, subsequently annulled by Pope INNOCENT III, yet giving DUE PROCESS (57A. Heart of the U.S. legal system) to one and all.  This timely Monday crossword notes the occasion.

Other — CABALS (1A. Groups plotting coups); John LE CARRÉ who wrote “A Perfect Spy”; LINOCUT (17A. Relative of a wood engraving); MOOS and OINK (44A. Cow sounds; 37A. Pig sound); ‘N SYNC (39A. Justin Timberlake’s boy band); OLD NICK (16A. The Devil, informally); SAMOVAR (45D. Russian urn); SOLOMON (62A. Biblical wise man).


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