06.11.15 — Gem

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Puzzle by Lewis E. Rothlein / Edited by Will Shortz

HIDDEN GEM (34. Well-kept secret … or a hint to the answer to each starred clue), along with LARGE MOUTH (18A. *Kind of bass), DODGE MONACO (24A. *Model of the Blues Brothers’ Bluesmobile), GRUDGE MATCH (47A. *Opportunity for revenge), IMAGE-MAKER (52A. *Publicist, e.g.) and INDULGE ME (1D. *“If I may …“) constitute the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword.

Other — BARRISTER (32D. Wig wearer), DARRIN (22A. “Bewitched” husband), GRIPE (43D. Beef), LAY TO REST (3D. Bury), TEA LEAVES (2D. Reading material for the future?). 


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