06.08.15 — Man

Monday, June 8, 2015

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

MAN (38A. Word that follows each shaded answer to complete a film title) along with eight answers awaiting that word constitutes the interrelated group of this Monday crossword:

REPO (16A. Seizure in a driveway, maybe)
CINDERELLA (17A. Glass slipper wearer in a a fairy tale)
I LOVE YOU (26A. Valentine’s Day message)
DEAD (32A. Out of juice, as a battery)
IRON (46A. Fe, in chemistry)
MARATHON (53A. 26-mile race)
DEMOLITION (64A. Job done with a wrecking ball)
RAIN (66A. Drought ender)

Other — ALIENATES (35D. Estranges); ARCADIAN (40D. Peaceful, as the simple rural life); DIME NOVELS (29D. Old pulp reading), DONE DEAL (3D. Fait accompli); MARTY (37D. Country crooner Robbins); POLO LOUNGE (8D. Noted watering hole in Beverly Hills); SIDE ORDER (4D. Fries or coleslaw, typically); TIJUANA (33A. Mexican city across the border from San Diego). 

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