06.05.1 5— The Friday Crossword

Friday, June 5, 2015

Puzzle by James Mulhern / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — ALL FOR IT (15A. Definitely in favor); EVEN ODDS (63A. 1 to 1); FAKE PUNT (60A. Certain trick football play); I DECLARE (17A.. “Lordy Lordy!“); JACKASS (38D. Jerk); JOCK JAM (1A. Popular series of 1990s compilation albums); MURSE (9D. Metrosexual satchel); OH GOD NO (26D. “That’s a terrible, terrible idea!“); OTTAVA (48D. Up or down 12 semitones, in musical notation); REJIGGER (33A. Adjust); SAD TO SAY (66A. “Regrettably …“); SNARKY (64A. Rudely sarcastic); TAGALOG (12D. Language n which “maraming salamat” means “thank you very much”). 


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