06.29.15 — Movement

Spinners flying, an iconic and influential 
futuristic vehicle designed by Syd Mead.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Puzzle by Todd Gross and Andrea Carla Michaels
Edited by Will Shortz

Modes of movement, e.g., CRAWLER, WALKER, RUNNER and FLYER, constitute the interrelated group of this fine Monday crossword:

WEB CRAWLER (17A. Bot that systematically browses the Internet)
ALICE WALKER (28A. “The Color Purple” novelist)
BLADE RUNNER (48A. 1982 Harrison Ford sci-fi film)
RADIO FLYER (64A. Classic red wagon)

Other — CHURN (29D. Make butter the old-fashioned way); DACCA (4D. Capital of Bangladesh, old-style); EMBARKED (3d. Started, as on a journey); EMERALDS (2D. Green gems); ET CETERA (41D. “Yadda, yadda, yadda”); GEESE (70A. Birds that fly in V’s); KEMO SABE (58A. The Lone Ranger, to Tonto); LEA, LEI and LIE LOW; SERGEANT (21A. To whom a private says “Sir, yes, sir!”).


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