06.24.15 — Five Stars


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Puzzle by Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
Edited by Will Shortz

FIVE STARS (56A. What 17-, 23-, 33- and 47-Across each have), along with the following constitutes the main feature of this Wednesday crossword:

THE PIERRE (17A. Luxury hotel overlooking Central Park)
OMAR BRADLEY (23A. First chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1949)
SOUTHERN CROSS (33A. Constellation visible in Melbourne and Sydney)
CHINESE FLAG (47A. Flier over Tiananmen Square)

Other —  ANT EATER (9D. ‘B.C.” animal that goes ZOT!); CAPO and THE MOB (5A. Crime chief; 42D. What a 5-Across is a boss in); FEEBLE and FRIED (21A. Weak; 49D. Mentally pooped); SCENARIO (3D. Plot outline); SKI TRAIL (36D. Slippery slope?); TRUE THAT (34D. “I agree”).

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