06.14.15 — The IN Crowd

Sunday, June 14, 2015

“The In Crowd” — Puzzle by Randolph Ross
Edited by Will Shortz

Setting aside the IN- prefix in various two-word phrases to make three-word phrases constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword:

  • FIGHT IN JUSTICE (23A. Dispute between Loretta Lynch and her co-workers?)
  • GENERAL IN FORMATION (37A. Army V.I.P. at a military parade?)
  • BRAIN IN JURY (48A. Smartest one to consider a case?)
  • COURT IN JUNCTION (64a. Municipal building located where major roads intersect?)
  • SISTER IN LAW (83A. Nun for the defense?)
  • PRIVATE IN VESTMENTS (90A. G.I. dressed like a priest?)
  • CRIMINAL IN TENT.(110A. Felon at a campground?)

Other  — AB POSITIVE (16D. Best blood type for a transfusion recipient); AL CAPP and AL HAIG (13A. Creator of Stupefyin’ Jones; 4d. Secretary of state after Ed Muskie); AT NOON (57D. Where there‘s ‘darkness’ in a classic Arthur Koestler novel); CUSS AT (15D. Vituperate, informally); EQUAL TO (68A. The same as); JENNERS (52D. Longtime reality TV family on the E! channel); LOOPY (72A. One fry short of a Happy Meal); OFFAL (1D. Slaughterhouse scraps); ON PAPER (1A. Theoretically, at least); ; PEA SHOOTER (17D. Toy blowgun); PIG IT (3D. Live in squalor, informally); RENEGE ON (7D. Break away from); SICK OF (12D. Fed up with); SLIP ON (59A. Loafer, e.g.); TEEN IDOL (31D. Any member of One Direction; TOOK TO (80A. Became enamored with); TROT OUT (34D. Bring forward).


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