06.20.15 — The Saturday Crossword

Niagara Falls


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Puzzle by Kyle T. Dolan / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — E-MONEY (21D. Bitcoin, e.g.); FIDGET (51A. Have ants in one’s pants); FILLING (8D. Aid in restoring a crown); GENDERED (33A. Like “hostess” and “comedienne”); HAVE A BEER (60A. Kick back while watching the ball game, say); HENNAED (14D. Like some tattooed hands); LEAVE BE (43D. Stop troubling); NIAGARA (3D. Falls on the border); OPEN TABLE (63A. Hostess offering); PINTEREST (65A. Social media debut of 2010); SALAD (31A. Introductory course?); SPANDRELS (17A. Architectural features above arches); STEAK RUB (18A. It produces a flavorful crust on some meat); ST JOHN’S (38D. Capital of Antigua and Barbuda); TAPAS / BAR (10D. With 61-Down, grazing locale); Brienne of TARTH (10A. “Game of Thrones” protagonist); TRAIPSE (13D. Wander); WASSUP (1D. “How’s it goin’”?); WIN AT LIFE (1A. Be successful, well-liked, etc.).


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