06.25.15 — Lead Belly

Lead Belly


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Puzzle by David Poole / Edited by Will Shortz

LEAD BELLY (61A. Legendary guitarist … or a hint to eight answers in this puzzle), along with four squares containing PB (the symbol for lead), constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword:
  • U[P B]EAT with LI[P B]ALMS (19A. Optimistic; 10D. Blistex products)
  • PO[P B]OTTLES with TO[P B]ID (17A. Subjects for Andy Warhol; 3D. Winner on eBay)
  • DEE[P B]LUE with A[PB]S (38a. Groundbreaking cross-playing computer; 33D. Old calls from HQ)
  • RAS[PB]ERRY with CU[PB]OARD (49A. Sound of disapproval; 42D. Place to put everything you can?)
Other — APULIA (24D. The “high heel” of Italy’s “boot”); ASTA (1A. Tinseltown terrier); BRASSERIE (31D. Restaurant that might serve steak fries); BRUCE LEE (9D. Kato portrayer in “The Green Hornet”); CARELESS (23A. Like most typos); ESCARTE (21A. Euchre relative); I MEANT IT (57A. “That was said in all sincerity”); OVEREATER (11D. One taking extra courses?); PALMA 28A. Capital of Majorca); ROMAN (49D. Like M, L or XL, but not S); SUCRE (45A. One of two capitals of Bolivia); TÊTE (67A. Head overseas?).


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