06.12.15 — The Crazy Life

Ricky Martin in performance of “La Vida Loca”


Friday, June 12, 2015

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — DELIBES (58A. “Sylvia” ballet composer, 1876); GETZ (56D. “The Sound” of music); I’M READY (10D. “Let’s roll!“); IN THAT CASE (64A. If so); JEWELRY BOX (18A. A cameo may be seen in it); KIA SORENTO (32D. Toyota Highlander alternative); LA VIDA LOCA (29D. Subject of a 1999 Ricky Martin hit); MASS EXODUS (1D. Going all at once); ON A RAMPAGE (16A. Like the Hulk, typically); RAZORBACKS (66A. N.C.A.A. team with the mascot Boss Hog); SLEAZE BALL (31D. Real lowlife); SPY (11D. Invasive plant); STEER (47A. One with a brand name?); TAJIKISTAN (5A. Land bordering western China); TOIL (45D. Emulate an esne); TRAVEL TIME (3D. A tie-up increases it).


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