05.16.10 — Cryptic Crossword

The towering ridge of a sand dune in the Arabian Desert points to the afternoon sun. The Sahara, Arabian, Iranian, and Thar deserts all connect together to form a 6,000-mile (9,600-kilometer) expanse of drylands in North Africa.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cryptic Crossword by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon, edited by Will Shortz

Across: 1. Red Sox rookie in 2006, surprisingly super addition (6, 7), DUSTIN PEDROIA; 8. Face of white bunny - very big one (7), WHOPPER; 9. Guy who wrote “Guys and Dolls” songs including nothing minor (7), LOESSER; 11. Declaration of what makes the likes of us stick together? (13), PRONOUNCEMENT; 13. Joint wrapped in clean Kleenex (5), ANKLE; 14. Speaker who declares wrong winner of the Lady Spud pageant? (9), MISSTATER; 17. Norse thunder god’s in pose riding mount (4, 5), POST HORSE; 19. Noodles in a bowl? Right, you said it (5), RAMEN; 20. However, Walker is someone who can see into your mind (7-6), THOUGHT READER; 24. Doctor following framer (7), DRAFTER; 25. Bridge that is large for a dog that may be small (7), SPANIEL; 26. Loosely sand-tribe area? (7, 6), ARABIAN DESERT.

Down: 1. Blue feathers (4), DOWN; 2. Probable race losers low in wheel rods (9), SLOWPOKES; 3. Beg for tales that devilish rascals tell? (7), IMPLORE; 4. Opera trimmed at both ends by erstwhile actor (9), PERFORMER; 5. Bob the songwriter in Candy land (5), DYLAN; 6. Penny was awarded perfume for the ears (3, 4), ONE CENT; 7. Said “I’ll course between the rows of seats” (5), AISLE; 10. Withdrawing to a private spot and putting new whitewalls on? (8), RETIRING; 12. Rugged comedian embraces Pete (8), CARPETED; 15. Come to your senses before entering spring or summer (3, 6), SEE REASON; 16. Costumier transfigured “Risky Business” actor (3, 6), TOM CRUISE; 18. Greeting Peg aloud for an evening meal (4, 3), HIGH TEA; 19. Annoying bureaucratic procedures predate changes (3, 4), RED TAPE; 21. Plains tribe making much of tomahawks (5), OMAHA; 22. Stair damaged many 13-Acrosses (5), TARSI; 23. Stuff left in stomach (4), GLUT.

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Martin M. Solomon said...

Quote from National Geographic regarding 4 deserts may be wrong.

Arabian and Iranian deserts are in western Asia.

Arabian and Iranian deserts are not contiguous to Sahara.