05.28.10 — Optical Illusion

Friday May 28, 2010

Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited by Will Shortz

OPTICAL ILLUSION (17A. Thing that may appear to be symmetrical but isn’t … like this puzzle’s grid), DOLLARS AND CENTS (56A. Considered financially), A STUDY IN SCARLET (3D. Seminal mystery of 1887) and FRIED ONION RINGS (12D. Burger accompaniment) span 15-letters each across or down in this strange Friday crossword.

The rest of it — Across: 1. Was jerky, SPASMED; 8. Stay in shape, KEEP FIT; 15. Left over, TO SPARE; 16. Support: Var., INDORSE; 19. PEUT-être (perhaps, to Pierre); 20. Melodic subject, in music, TEMA; 21. Lobster claw, CHELA; 22. Immemorial, OLDEN; 24. Hose shade, TAUPE; 26. Blocker of 1960s TV, DAN; 27. “30 Rock” creator, FEY; 28. Tolstoy’s Vronsky, ALEXEI; 30. 19th-century women’s rights advocate, MOTT; 31. Introduced surreptitiously, FOISTED; 33. TV’s Francis and others, ARLENES; 35. First name among linguists, NOAM; 36. Gas: Prefix, AERI; 37. Symbol of electromotive force, EPSILON; 40. Buffaloed, AT A LOSS; 43. Egg holder, SAC; 44. Buried INURNED; 46. Little beef, NIT; 47. Draw very uncreative, TRACE; 49. Topper, LID; 50. More likely to blow up, SORER; 52. Blade handle?, ATRA; 53. Potential pond poisoner, ALGAE; 55. See 53-Down, PISA; 59. Narrow, in a way, ONE LANE; 60. Demonstrating control?, TEAR GAS; 61. Alternative to a jumper, SET SHOT; 62. How hordes move, EN MASSE.

Down: 1. Tarry for a bit, STOP OFF; 2. One of 13 religious leaders, POPE LEO; 4. Venom, SPITE; 5. Bub, MAC; 6. “Hoc ERAT in votis”: Horace; 7. Dropped, DELETED; 8. World’s most active volcano, KILAUEA; 9. Development order: Abbr., ENL; 10. Develop, EDUCE; 11. Far from shabby, POSH; 13. Maroon, ISOLATE; 14. Flat population, TENANTS; 18. Means of seeing the big picture?, IMAX; 23. Merchant selling records, NATALIE; 25. Take the wrong way?, PIRATE; 29. One might show up in a casino, LEMON; 30. European black thrush, MERL; 32. “SO I see!”; 34. Results of “Unsolved Mysteries” airings, LEADS; 37. Chihuahua and others, ESTADOS; 38. Succession starter, PART ONE; 39. It has zero measure, in math, NULL SET; 40. Slowly scored?, ANDANTE; 41. Occasions to close up shop, SIESTAS; 42 Berlin boulevard, STRASSE; 45. European capital, RIGA; 48. Decisions on the field, CALLS; 41. Work on a grand scale, OPERA; 53. It flows through 55-Across, ARNO; 54. Starting point?, EDEN; 57. “Feels so good!”; AAH; 58. Nanny CAM.

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