05.14.10 — Fiddle-Faddle

Violin and Candlestick, 1910, Georges Braque


Friday, May 14, 2010

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz

Across: 1. Its workers aren’t behind closed doors, CUBE FARM; 9. Thunderstruck, AGHAST; 15. Length of many stands?, ONE NIGHT; 16. Title boy in an old sitcom, BEAVER; 17. Places for some flicks, ASHTRAYS; 18. Wear for some contests, BIKINI; 19. Liberal types, SHARERS; 20. Overly optimistic, ROSEATE; 21. Feldshuh of “Yentl”, TOVAH; 22. Brought forth, FATHERED; 23. Gone, DEPARTED; 26. Acid head?, AMINO; 27. Singing group, STOOLIES; 29. It was worth three livres, ECU; 30. Machine part, COG; 33. Means of catching up with the rest of the class, TUTOR; 34. It occupies 25 pages in the Oxford English Dictionary, SET; 35. Knock on ANY Door” (Bogart film); 36. Caesar, DICTATOR; 39. Mountainside debris, SCREE; 41. Lies low, HIDES OUT; 44. Common hotel bathroom feature, HEAT LAMP; 46. Fuel-efficient transportation, MOPED; 48. Cry when rubbing it in, SO THERE; 49. Hippodrome competitor, TROTTER; 51. Play an ace?, AVIATE; 52. It’s not the road less traveled, MAIN LINE; 53. Currency that replaced pounds in 1964, LEONES; 54. Learning environments, ACADEMES; 55. ERNEST Evans, a k a Chubby Checker; 56. Places to store barrels?, HOLSTERS.

Down: 1. Washing-up place, COAST; 2. Like wild horses, UNSHOD; 3. Nanny’s cry, BEHAVE; 4. Catches, ENTRAPS; 5. Often red item in apparel, FIRE HAT; 6. Clarifying agent in brewing, AGAR; 7. "Wide Sargasso Sea" novelist, 1966, RHYS; 8. Range parts: Abbr., MTS; 9. One giving prior consent?, ABBOT; 10. Mama-san’s charges, GEISHAS; 11. Olajuwon of the N.B.A., HAKEEM; 12. Zoo sections, AVIARIES; 13. Follower of one’s convictions, SENTENCE; 14. Experimented with, TRIED OUT; 20. Good spot for a jingle, RADIO AD; 22. Kind of marker, FELT TIP; 24. Indian bread, ROTI; 25. 1969 hit for the Doors, TOUCH ME; 28. "Feather Gown" sculptor, ERTE; 30. Something you don’t get credit for, CASH SALE; 31. Cursory cleaning, say, ONCE OVER; 32. Belly dancer’s move, GYRATION; 36. Kills, DELETES; 37. Family often seen on “The Andy Williams Show”, OSMONDS; 38. Underground branch, ROOTLET; 40. Crude component, ETHANE; 42. Hours of operation?, UP-TIME; 43. Bubblegummer, TEENER; 45. Take A REST (break); 47. Word with shoe or shop, DRESS; 49. Its shell may be soft, TACO; 50. Yemeni capital, RIAL; 52. Start of a Chinese game, MAH.

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