05.22.10 — Are We Alone?


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Puzzle by Will Nediger, edited by Will Shortz

Across: 1. Body measurement, MASS; 5. Key of Schumann’s “Spring” Symphony, B FLAT MAJOR; 15. Throw off, EMIT; 16. Exobiologist’s query, ARE WE ALONE; 17. Actress Kunis of “That ’70s Show”, MILA; 18. First country singer to win the Best New Artist Grammy, LEANN RIMES; 19. Cosmonaut Makarov, OLEG; 20. Imposes, LEVIES; 21. Guy’s buddy, AMI; 22. Big of guilt, say, PANG; 23. Gig getter, often, AGENT; 24. Kafka confidant Max, BROD; 25. Present, ATTENDING; 27. Capital near Potosi, SUCRE; 28. Questions about a flight, say, DEBRIEFS; 29. Redeemed, CASHED; 30. Mr. MET (baseball mascot); 31. One in line at a station, CAB; 32. Result of great shock, STUPOR; 36. Chuck is often chosen for it, POT ROAST; 41. Like some cleaning products, PINEY; 42. House part that gets flooded on a clear day?, SUN PARLOR; 43. “Idylls of the King” woman, ENID; 44. After-hours school event, DANCE; 45. Down, BLUE; 46. Ozone hazard, for short, CFC; 47. “Touché!” elicitor, ZINGER; 48. Terrors, IMPS; 49. Was subservient, TOOK ORDERS; 51. Mediation asset, TACT; 52. Entering on horseback, RIDING INTO; 53. It’s grounded on Friday nights, ELAL; 54. Young Republican of a 1980s sitcom, ALEX KEATON; 55. RENE Caovilla, maker of high-end women’s shoes -- Descartes and Russo always get Saturdays off.

Down: 1. Place for notes, MEMO PAD; 2. “Have you started without me?”, AM I LATE; 3. One in debt?, SILENT B; 4. Make zigzag, STAGGER; 5. One putting a tale in the air?, BALLADEER; 6. Product recipient’s surprise, FREE GIFT; 7. Gets a rise out of?, LEAVENS; 8. Shade provider, AWNING; 9. Position, TENET; 10. Rover’s home, MARS; 11. Pakistani president Asif ALI Zardari; 12. Literary tomboy, JO MARCH; 13. Last-call request, ONE MORE; 14. Was present (in), RESIDED; 24. 31-Across alternative, BUS; 26. Player of a logical crew member, NIMOY; 27. Negev native, e.g., SABRA; 29. Ailurophile, CAT PERSON; 31. Glass production, CONCERTO; 32. Bands appearing after split-ups?, SPECTRA; 33. Cheap hat material, TIN FOIL; 34. Ascii alternative, UNICODE; 35. One may look both ways, briefly, PED; 36. Nose-wrinkling, PUNGENT; 37. NASA launch, ORBITER; 38. Like some risqué revues, ALL-MALE; 39. Andy Warhol subject, SOUP CAN; 40. Sawhorse, e.g., TRESTLE; 42. New Mexico’s SANDIA Mountains; 44. Passing notes?, DIRGE; 47. Fall into a 32-Across, with “out”, ZONK (yesterday‘s crossword clued ZONK as Hit the hay hard, with “out”); 50. Puffed product since, 1937, KIX.

Incidentally, today is the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, which explains the above.  On the net, the comments just kept coming, everything from “…have you been hacked?!?!” to “HOW DO I ERASE THIS ANNOYING…”, in all caps. This morning, search engine giant Google launched its first ever playable Google doodle (on its search page) in celebration of PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary. Created by Marcin Wichary, senior UX developer and Google doodler Ryan Germick (yes, that is his official job title), enjoy this FREE 8-bit fun for the next 48 hours! And as any die-hard gamers would expect, the duo also included an Easter Egg – Click on the “Insert Coin” twice and Ms. PAC-MAN will join in the hunt for those pesky critters! You could control PAC-MAN with the arrow keys and Ms. PAC-MAN with WASD keysWatch CBS News VideosOnline

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