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Train wreck at Montparnasse, France, 1895

The highest form of  fail - the epic fail - involves not just catastrophic failure but hubris as well. Not just coming in second in a bike race but doing so because you fell off your bike after prematurely raising your arms in victory. The Online Slang Dictionary


Friday, May 7, 2010

Puzzle by Tyler Hinman, edited by Will Shortz

Across:  1. Not just a mess-up, in modern lingo, EPIC FAIL, montage of Epic Fail, HERE; 9. Necessary, NEED BE; 15. Alternative to Holiday Inn, LA QUINTA; 16. First name that’s feminine in English and masculine in Italian, ANDREA; 17. Picker-uppers?, ANTENNAS; 18. Steps taken on a farm?, STILES; 19. Ball holders, TEES; 20. Nickname since 1959, ALOHA STATE; 22. “IT’S you!”; 23. Fern feature, SPORE; 24. Voiceless, in phonetics, SURD; 25. National capital on a river of the same name, OTTAWA; 27. Dinner DATE; 30. Union opponent, REB; 31. Big company located in Times Square, NASDAQ; 32. Salesperson who may give you a ring, AVON LADY; 34. Knock out, in a way, DRUG; 36. Film character who lives to be 877, YODA; 37. Swiss cheese ingredient, COW’S MILK; 41. Step on the way to the Olympics, maybe, TRIALS; 45. Old Spanish queen, ENA; 46. With 35-Down, something meant to be shaken, SNOW; 47. Naturally bright, SUNLIT; 48. High-school put-down, NERD; 50. Drainage area, BASIN; 52. Big inits. In camping, KOA; 53. Musician nicknamed El Rey, TITO PUENTE; 56. Guilt symptom, PANG; 57. Support in a stadium, ROOT ON; 58. Staple of classic rock, informally, ZEPPELIN; 60. Still, AT REST; 61. Spread out over time, in a way, AMORTIZE; 62. Welcome cry for the seasick, LAND HO; 63. Slurs, ASPERSES.

Down: 1. Rapture, ELATION; 2. C.I.A. director under Obama, PANETTA; 3. Battery used to measure brightness?, IQ TESTS; 4. Providers of tips for improving one’s English?, CUES; 5. Five bones, FIN; 6. “True Blood” actress, ANNA PAQUIN; 7. ITALO-Ethiopian War, 1935-36; 8. His #2 was retired in 1997, LA SORDA; 9. Org. with the motto “For the benefit of all”, NASA; 10. Docs with penlights, ENTS; 11. Shortens, maybe, EDITS; 12. Big name in radio advice, DR LAURA; 13. Really embarrassed, perhaps, BEET RED; 14. Passed effortlessly, EASED BY; 21. Emotionally tough to take, HEAVY; 23. They’re all abuzz, SWARMS; 26. Elaborates, ADDS; 28. Treat on a stick, TOOTSIE POP; 29. Evasive maneuver, END RUN; 33. Gone flat?, LAIN; 35. See 46-Across, GLOBE; 37. Key, CENTRAL; 38. The tiniest bit, ONE IOTA; 39. Opposite of pacific, WAR-TORN; 40. Annual celebration with candles, KWANZAA; 42. They’re basic, ALKALIS; 43. Put on a pedestal, LIONIZE; 44. Symbol of chastity, ST AGNES; 49. Lavished gifts (on), DOTED; 51. Cuts off, STEMS; 54. Deluxe, POSH; 55. “Come UNTO these yellow sands”: “The Tempest”; 56. Czech-born N.H.L.’er Sykora or Prucha, PETR; 59. Lead-in to wash, PRE.

Come unto these yellow sands, and then take hands;
curtsied when you have and kissed the wild waves whist,
foot it featly here and there;
and, sweet sprites, the burden bear.
Hark! Hark! Bow-wow!
The watchdogs bark.
I hear the strain of the strutting chanticleer cry
cock-a-diddle-dow! Cock-a-diddle-dow!

The Tempest, II:i, Shakespeare


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NYTAnonimo said...

Don't think I'll forget what an EPICFAIL is after the two videos and The Online Slang Dictionary definition Donald. Check out The Invention of Hugo Cabret if you haven't already. Great book for adults and kids both. The Train wreck at the Gare Montparnasse in 1895 picture is used in the book. Enjoyed your writeup.