05.15.10 — Cranking It Out

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Puzzle by Patrick Berry & Trip Payne, edited by Will Shortz

If you feel like cranking it out after a hard week of work, this one's right up your alley. Start with AUTHOR/PUBLISHER (45A. Writer who doesn’t need an agent) and TENNESSEE TITANS (19A. Alliterative pro team name) spanning the 15 squares across of this solemn Saturday crossword, followed by six entries of eleven letters — DUPLICATORS (1A. Mimeographs, e.g.), ENTERTAINED (55A. Had people over), LEAVE IT TO ME (53A. “You needn’t worry about that”), ON-LINE MEDIA (15A. Paperless reading materials), SESAME SEEDS (57A. Ingredients in everything bagels) and STAGFLATION (19A. Alliterative pro team name). Continuing with the count-down...

Eight-letter — BAT PHONE (33D. Item in Commissioner Gordon’s office), ESTEEMED, PLANTERS, POT HOLES (32D. Results of road fatigue), SANITARY, STETSONS and UNTESTED.

Seven — BEASTIE (37D. Epithet for the mouse in “To a Mouse”), LIGNITE, used when IGNITE is too short, PEPPERY, when PEPPER is too, TONSILS and VIEWERS, when…well, you know, pluralization to make a fit.

Six — APPALL (12D. Scandalize), BLOATS, plural, BRAIDS, plural, EATS AT (14D. Gradually destroys), INFERS, plural, LAURIE, ON TAPE, UNITAS, VARLET vile“ (epithet for Falstaff), and WEENIE (13D. Twerp).

Five — OVENS, oh those plurals, RANCH, SEPIA, TALIA (22A. Actress Balsam who was once married to George Clooney), Shire gets Saturdays off, and VERSO (27A. It‘s left in a book).

Short stuff — ADS, AMAS, AWE, BASE, BERM, BET, CELS, DIP, DOST, IRA, LITE, NAPE and NIPS, ODIE, PATS, PEA and PET, Van Gogh’s “Portrait of PERE Tanguy”, REDS, RENE Fonck, top Allied fighter ace of W.W. I, Descartes and Russo also get Saturday off, RIOT, SEE, SPA, STIR, SEE, TACH, TARS, TEE, UVEA, WELL (30D. Fit).

Finally, there's the cross-referenced ALOUETTE (41A. Song involving an 8-Down, in part) and TETE (8D. Something plucked in 41-Across)"Alouette, gentille Alouette, Alouette, je te plumerai, Je te plumerai la tête, Je te plumerai la tête, Et la tête, Et la tête, Alouette, Alouette..." — for the rest of the ghastly lyrics in English, see HERE. For the lovely melody, HERE.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 12. Breathless wonder; 16. Dent form : tooth :: pisiform : ___; 18. Resident ignored by census takers; 21. Shake, say; 23. Western wear; 29. Nielsen count; 31. Inserts, often; 32. Like arugula’s flavor; 33. “You ___!”; 36. Possible causes of sleep apnea; 37. Runner’s place; 38. Makes excessively large; 43. Stock-buying venue; 44. Place for pick-ups; 52. Receiver of contributions, for short; 54. Party staple; 56. Ascertain. DOWN: 1. “After whom ___ thou pursue?”: 1 Samuel; 2. Green; 3. Snack brand; 4. Low-grade coal; 55. Concludes; 6. Locations for Pluto, sometimes; 7. Part of a famous conjugation; 9. Slobbery cartoon character; 10. Fray; 11. Clean; 20. Clippers’ skippers, e.g.; 23. Mineral ___; 24. Raw foodists don’t need them; 25. Edges; 26. Alternative to grayscale; 34. Favored; 35. Simple top; 36. Dash part; 38. Do lines?; 39. Jo’s suitor in “Little Women”; 40. Available as evidence, maybe; 42. Quarterback nicknamed the Golden Arm; 47. Consoles, in a way; 48. Optic layer; 49. Earthen embankment; 50. Cigarette label word; 51. “Chariots of Fire” beat it for Best Picture.

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