05.08.10 — Quintupuzzle

Joan Miró, The Tilled Field, (1923–1924), Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. This early painting of a complex arrangement of objects and figures was Miró's first Surrealist masterpiece.


Saturday, May 8, 2010 — V-E Day

Puzzle by Mark Diehl, edited by Will Shortz

This slog of a Saturday crossword features five small puzzles connected by four 15-letter entries — RADIATION LEVELS (31A. Counter measures?), HOLDING PATTERNS (35A. They keep airliners aloft), DIFFERING TASTES (7D. What food courts aim to satisfy) and WRITTEN MATERIAL (8D. Books and such).


Puzzle 1 (Upper Left)Across: 1. Where some diggers dig, CLAMBED; 15. Kreplach cousin, RAVIOLI; 17. Before, AHEADO OF; 19. Toadlike, WARTY; 23. Self-titled platinum album of 1988, LITA; 27. Dr. from Asheville to Winston-Salem, ENE.Down: 1. Night CRAWLER; 2. Maui locale that was once the capital of the kingdom of Hawaii, LAHAINA; 3. Fended off, AVERTED; 4. Roadster that debuted in 1989, MIATA; 5. With 20-Across, natural energy source, BODY; 6. Grp. With the 1977 album “Out of the Blue”, ELO.

Puzzle 2 (Upper Right) — Across: 8. Chuck Yeager, e.g., in brief, WW II ACE; 16. Purina partner replaced by Nestle, RALSTON; 18. Home of the Great Geysir, ICELAND; 22. “Socrate” composer, SATIE; 26. Isinglass, MICA; 30. Blemish, MAR. — Down: 9. Fem. Force, WAC; 10. France’s ÎLES d'Hyères; 11. “The straight path”, ISLAM; 12. Together, AT A TIME; 13. Like a volcano, CONICAL; 14. Charms, ENDEARS.

Puzzle 3 (Center) — Across: 20. See 5-Down, FAT; 24. Red flannel hash ingredients, BEETS; 28. Like Miró’s “The Tilled Field”, SURREAL; 34. Make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, e.g.?, TRANSMUTE; 42. Adds to the staff, NOTATES; 46. Like some punches, LACED; 50. Words from M.L.K. Jr., SER. — Down: 21. One industry above the rest?, AEROSPACE; 24. Fuel derivable from biomass, BUTANOL; 25. Tipped one’s hat to, SALUTED; 28. Lethal compound, SARIN; 29. Neighbors of Belarusians, LETTS; 32. “IT’D better be good!”; 33. Notch, e.g., VEE.

Puzzle 4 (Lower Left) — Across: 41. “So is that A NO?”; 44. NEAP tide; 48. Takes several courses, DINES; 52. Crime scene clue, DROPLET; 56. Common blog link, YOUTUBE; 58. Lays away for good, ENTOMBS. — Down:  35. Produce batik, HAND DYE; 36. Driving club, ONE IRON; 37. Give for a while, LOAN OUT; 45. Rumbly tummy soother, PEPTO; 49. Trenchtown, for one, SLUM; 53. “Chicago” lyricist, EBB.

Puzzle 5 (Lower Right) — Across:  43. Sleeping aid, COT; 47. Elvis Presley’s “MAMA Liked the Roses”; 51. “I’ve HAD IT!”; 54. “In my mind …”; I FOR ONE; 57. Unable to get much worse, ABYSMAL; 59. Supply, LITHELY. — Down: 38. Colts’ former home, RCA DOME; 39. Token, NOMINAL; 40. Like Buckingham Palace, STATELY; 47. Dame of whodunits, MARSH; 51. Wilhelm of Cooperstown, HOYT; 55. Org. in “The Sting”, FBI.

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