05.11.10 — Cocktail

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Puzzle by Keith Talon, edited by Will Shortz

MARTINI (37A. Cocktail called “the elixir of quietude” by 4-Down), E B WHITE (4D. “The Elements of Style” updater), ON THE ROCKS (20A. Tiger and Elin Woods’s 37-Across order?), STRAIGHT UP (53A. Paula Abdul’s 37-Across order?), WITH A TWIST (11D. O. Henry’s 37-Across order?) and EXTRA OLIVE (29D. Popeye’s 37-Across order?) comprise the interrelated group of this intoxicating Tuesday crossword.

Other — ALIENS (47D. “The X-Files” figures), DAKOTAS (46A. 1889 statehood achievers, with “the”), DIABLO (46D. Recorded for later viewing), ELOPES (10D. Skips the dos before the I do’s?), EYE TEST (27A. It might start “E FP TOZ LPED”), I’M LOST (6D. “Please help me with directions!“), MOSH PIT (43D. Frenzied place at a rock club), OCEANS (25A. Vast amounts), QUOITS (49A. Ringtoss game), TAURUS (5D. Sign after Aries), TIVOED (45D. Recorded for later viewing).

Five-letter — ADIOS, ALIVE, AMASS, ATLAS (44A. Figure of Greek myth with a statue at Rockefeller Center), BLAST, EVIAN, FEVER, FREDO, LEFTS, IN USE, JEWEL, MILES, MOTIF, MR BIG, PIECE, QUAFF (49D. Hearty drink), SOLON (22D. Wise old Athenian), UNDER (50D. Hypnotized or anesthetized).

Short stuff — ABBE, AGT, AMIE, Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er BOI, CALI, CARB, CROW, DARN, ECCO, EDGE, EGOS, ELAN, EMAC, ENE, FOOL, FTC, GROT, IKE, IRON, JAM, KEG (48D. Big beer buy), KILN, LUXE, MELT, MSRP, NOR, OKRA, PEDI, PEPS, PINK and TINK, PHAT, RAS, SEEK, TAKE, TERI, TIPS, UDON, ULEE, UNLV, WOP, YUGO (28D. “Car Talk“ dubbed it “the worst car of the millennium“).

...and now about that Mosh Pit!...

I'm outta here!

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