05.21.10 — Splash!

The mermaid tail which Daryl Hannah wore was fully functional: Hannah swam with the mermaid tail so fast that her safety team could not keep pace with her — Hannah had been swimming "mermaid" style with her legs bound together since she was a child, due to her fascination with Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid story.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz

Across: 1. Roll call calls, LAST NAMES; 10. Sedan chair accessories, POLES; 15. Alert, ON THE BALL; 16. Before: Fr., AVANT; 17. Made ends meet somehow, SCRAPED BY; 18. Product once advertised as having Solium, RINSO; 19. Magazine founded by abolitionists in 1865, THE NATION; 20. Use as an ingredient, ADD IN; 21. Beach bag item, TOWEL; 22. Got award after award, SWEPT; 24. “A very high price to pay for maturity,” per Tom Stoppard, AGE; 25. Colorful ring, IRIS; 26. Order indiscriminately, BOSS AROUND; 28. Playing pieces, MEN; 29. Bass part, FIN; 30. Easy to catch, say, SLOW; 31. Robert L. Fish Memorial Award and others, EDGARS; 33. Adult humans have 12 of these, MOLARS; 37. What a building inspector inspects, SITE; 39. Speak on the record?, RAP; 40. Nice touch, PAT; 41. Belmont and Preakness, for two, STAKE RACES; 45. Animal on Mauritius’s coat of arms, DODO; 46. Simple card game, WAR; 47. Hair hider, DO RAG; 48. Marshal Tito’s first name, JOSIP; 49. Stagger, AMAZE; 51. Band name that has an umlaut over the “n”, SPIN̈AL TAP, e.g., "Spın̈al Tap", with a non-functional umlaut over the letter n—n-diaeresis—and a dotless letter i; 53. Descendants of Japheth, MAGOG; 54. Swinging place?, HOME PLATE; 55. Projection, PRONG; 56. Cramped vehicle, ONE-SEATER; 57. Jerks, YANKS; 58. Garment with no waistline, TENT DRESS.

Down: 1. Something to make up for, LOST TIME; 2. Not going anywhere, ANCHORED; 3. Tossing about, STREWING; 4. Old English aristocrats, THANES; 5. So-called “Land of the Gods”, NEPAL; 6. Give shelter, perhaps, ABET; 7. Mermaid’s name in “Splash”, MADISON; 8. Some pipe fittings, ELBOWS; 9. Cunning, SLYNESS; 10. PARATROOP unit (military squad with a jumpmaster); 11. Poet exiled by Augustus, OVID; 12. Victorian vehicle, LANDAU; 13. Banner, ENSIGN; 14. Blitzed, STONED; 23. Las PALMAS (capital of Gran Canaria); 26. Publike eatery, BISTRO; 27. Hundred Acre Wood resident, OWL; 29. What a cook makes when told to “flop two”, FRIED EGGS; 32 Advice for clearing up confusion, ASK; 34. One who loses faith, APOSTATE; 35. Projects, RADIATES; 36. Plugs, STOPPERS; 38. Secrets are usually not revealed in this, EARSHOT; 39. Training recommendation, REGIMEN; 41. Camp SWAMPY (“Beetle Bailey” setting); 42. Soap opera actress Braun, TAMARA; 43. Kingdom that once included Sicily and Sardinia, ARAGON; 44. Chicago Outfit bigwig, CAPONE; 48. Poked fun, JAPED; 50. Hit the hay hard, with “out”, ZONK; 52. Sticks in a bowl?, NEST.


Splish, Splash!

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