05.17.10 — Parting Words


Monday, May 17, 2010

Puzzle by Jay Kaskel, edited by Will Shortz

BYE BYE LOVE (17A. Parting words from the Everly Brothers), HIYO SILVER AWAY (23A. Parting words from the Lone Ranger), I’LL BE BACK (34A. Parting words from the Terminator), SO LONG FAREWELL (49A. Parting words from the von Trapps) and YOU’RE FIRED (57A. Parting words from Donald Trump) are the interrelated group of this nifty little greet-the-work-week Monday crossword.  More of the same, HERE.

Other — ten of ten letter each: ALL HERE (40D. Fully focused and attentive), BLOATED (39D. Like a stomach after an all-you-can-eat buffet), MESHUGA (38D. Yiddish for “crazy”), 3D. Horace’s “Ars POETICA, POLARIS (43D. North Star), PSYCHES (2D. Human spirits), says yes (13D. Agrees), SAYS YES (13D. Agrees), SCREW-UP (11D. Homer Simpson type), SOLVERS (44D. Crossword doers), TAG SALE (12D. Common house event before moving).

Mid-size — ABUTS, AKIRA and AKITE, APPTS, ARARAT (47D. Mount where Noah landed), ARETOO (47A. Reply to “Am not!”), ASOUL, BLESS, ECARTE (28A. Card game for two), ENOLA, HAHAS, INOIL, MESSY, Nervous NELLIE, OASIS, YAXIS (24D. Vertical line on a graph).

Short stuff — AABA, ACT, ADES, AER, ALI, ALTA, APES, AVG, BAN, BEEF, BRO, CHEW, EAST, ELBA, ELL and ELO, ENOS, ESE, ESTS, FAM, GDAY, GERI, HIPS, IKE, INE and INS, LANG, MBAS, NCAA, NINE, NOV, OLE and OREL, ORB, ORGY, PEST, RENE, SAXE-Coburg-Gotha, former British royal house, SLY, TUB, ULE and UTES, VERB, YAP (57D. Talk noisily).

“…tomorrow is another day!”

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Listings in a dr.’s calendar; 6. Number of Muses; 10. Best guesses: Abbr.; 14. Nary ___ (no one); 15. Grandson of Adam; 16. March Madness org.; 19. Unrestrained revelry; 20. “Clean up you ___!”; 21. “___ Baba and the 40 Thieves”; 22. “___ me, Father” (confessional phrase); 29. “Telephone Line” rock grp.; 30. Diminutive suffix; 32. Heavenly body;33. Gorillas; 38. Degs. For corporate types; 41. ___ Lingus; 42. Hula dancers wiggle them; 45. Building wing; 46. Suffix with labyrinth; 52. Laughs; 53. Forbid; 54. Bowling stat.; 56. Western Indian tribe; 61. Halliwell of the Spice Girls; 62. Claudia ___ Taylor (Lady Bird Johnson); 63. Director Kurosawa; 64. Fruity drinks; 65. Dennis the Menace, for one; 66. Not tidy. DOWN: 1. Four-line ryme scheme; 4. Bath site; 5. Foxy; 7. How French fries are fried; 8. Oct. follower; 9. Language suffix; 10. W.W. II bomber ___ Gay; 18. Sunrise direction; 22. Pal; 25. Hershiser on the mound; 26. Subject follower; 27. Isle of exile; 32. “___ the ramparts…”; 33. “Go fly ___!”; 35. Fritz who directed “Metropolis” ; 36. Hamburger meat; 37. “___ your food” (mother’s admonition); 46. ___ and outs; 48. Artist Magritte; 50. Place for camels to water; 51. Touches; 55. “Hello” Down Under; 58. Bullfight cheer; 59. Clan: Abbr.; 60. ‘50s prez.

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