05.27.10 — Between the Lines

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Puzzle by Josh Knapp, edited by Will Shortz

BETWEEN THE LINES (6D. Where to look for hidden words in this puzzle’s fifth and eleventh columns), D O U B L E and S P A C E D are the interrelated group of this odd Thursday crossword.

Other — EATS DIRT (25A. Takes a spill), HELLO KITTY (17A. Japanimation character with a line of school supplies), SHE-DEVIL (47A. Total witch) and WINE CELLAR (56A. Where cabs wait?), followed by half a dozen of seven letters — EPISTLES (12D. The New Testament has 21), ETHERNET (35D. Modern means of connecting), GLORIOUS (10D. Oh-so-splendid), HOT HOUSE (34D. Breeding ground), LICORICE (11D. Food that usually comes in red or black), SMASH HIT (33D. Sellout).

Mid-size — ACTION, ADOPTS, APEMAN (2D. So-called missing link), BATAAN, CRYPT (8D. Remains here?), DATES, DIAL-UP (44D. Oldish means of connecting), DIVIDE, EDENS, EXILE, HUMAN (40A. Not perfect), IBSEN (30A. “Ghosts“ playwright), MASADA (1A. Israeli tourist attraction on the Dead Sea), MOHAWK (1D. Sighting at a punk rock concert, maybe), MOTELS, MOZART (45D. “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”), OFFED, POSES, RUN AT, SAMOA, SPRUCE, ST LUKE, SWEAR, VOWEL (49D. There’s one at the end of this clue), WAKE UP (22A. “Get a clue!”).

Short stuff — ADMS, AMU, ASK and ASL (4D. Communication system for the gorilla Koko: Abbr.), ATH, AZO, BBC, BURT, CSA, DEMO, DEN, EROS, FLIP, FOCI, HORA, HUNT, I SEE, K’NEX (26A. Tinkertoy alternative), LES, LBO, OGLE, OIL (29A. 1927 Upton Sinclair novel), OPTS, OVEN, OVID, RUM, SHEL, TETS, USES, WIS, VEX (28D. Puzzle).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. “Fawlty Towers” airer; 9. Look like a creep; 13. Withdraws, with “out”; 14. Testify in court; 16. Smart-alecky; 18. An ellipse has two; 19. ___ Darya; 20. Switch; 21. Winged Greek god; 27. Firing need; 31. Neat; 33. “The Giving Tree” author Silverstein; 36. One in a crowd; 38. Resorts to; 39. Roadside sights; 41. Part of N.C.A.A.: Abbr.; 42. Handout from an aspiring musician; 43. U.S.N. brass: Abbr.; 50. Call before shooting; 51. Bar mitzvah party staple; 52. Virgil contemporary; 54. ___ dye; 55. Event on an estate; 59. “Ahhh, O.K.”; 60. Shangri-las; 61. Reynolds of “Boogie Nights”; 62. Asian holidays; 63. Start of many French titles; 64. Takes in. DOWN: 3. Name on many a hospital; 5. “Shoot!”; 7. 1942 Philippines fighting locale; 9. Iced; 15. Mich. Neighbor; 23. 52-Across, e.g., in his later years; 24. Mannequins are in them; 31. Caramel-coconut Girl Scout cookie; 32. Barrel toward; 37. Mojito component; 42. Undergo mitosis; 46. Stifled laughs; 48. Some history memorization; 53. Opium ___; 57. Jefferson Davis’s org.; 58. Certain corp. takeover.

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