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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Puzzle by Sarah Keller, edited by Will Shortz

DIAL, COAST, TONE and DOVE, brand names for SOAPS (39A. Afternoon fare … or a hint to the ends of 20-, 33-, 41- and 52-Across) at the aforementioned locations of ROTARY DIAL (20A. Keypad forerunner), GOLD COAST (33A. Ghana, once), FLESH TONE (41A. Body suit shade, perhaps) and TURTLE DOVE (52A. One of two in a Christmas song) are the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword. A SOAP group was featured in a Times crossword a while ago with ZEST, IVORY, COAST and TONE.

Other — ARGYLE (5D. Pattern named for a Scottish county), DEMOTE (26A. Knock down in rank), EARTHY (24A. Coarse, as humor), MISLEADS (9D. Isn’t completely honest with), SALARY (45D. Job interview topic), SATEEN (45A. Glossy fabric), SPOT ON (46A. Absolutely perfect), STUNTMAN (39D. Movie double, often).

Five-letter — ABEAM, ALTAR, BIOME (43A. Community of plant and animal life), BONDS, EGRET (11D. Everglades wader), GNATS, MEARA, MOANS, NEEDY, OCALA, OKAPI, PURIM, ROSSI, SAGGY, SATYR, SNIPE, STRAD, TENET, THIGH.

Short stuff — AGHA, AIRY, ALOE and ALPE, AMC, ASTA, BALE, BLAH, BUDS, DOFF (26D. Tip, as a hat), DUST, ECOL (27D. Earth Day subj.), EDDY, EMIT, ESAI, FORD, GOOD, HBO, ILS, IRAN, MA’AM (30A. Term of address from a hat-tipper), MARE, NUKE, OBIT, OHIO, OLDS, OSLO, PIPE, RATE, SAL, SAME, SETS, SHOO, SLID, SORT, SOYA, THEN, TONY, TOSS, TRIG, TSAR, UELE (53D. River to the Ubangi), USED, VEIN, YEGG (22A. Safecracker).

Time to give the dog a bath...

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Deep-six; 5. Crosswise, on deck; 10. Movie lot sights; 14. “Beat it!”; 15. Martini’s partner in wine; 16. Turkish title of old; 17. Not stuffy; 18. Pesky swarm; 19. H.S. math class; 23. They, in Thiers; 32. Seat of Marion County, Fla.; 38. Company that makes Lincoln and Mercury; 40. Eliciting a “So what?”; 44. Blossoms-to-be; 45. Glossy fabric; 46. Absolutely perfect; 50. Mineo of “Exodus”; 51. Zap in the microwave; 59. “Axis of evil” land; 60. Stiller’s partner in comedy; 61. Like thrift shop wares; 62. Snowman’s prop; 63. Vows locale; 64. Came into a base horizontally; 65. Give off; 66. Down and out; 67. Broadway honor. DOWN: 1. Peter the Great, e.g.; 2. Kent State locale; 3. Do a laundry chore; 4. ___ beans (miso ingredients); 6. Wall Street buys; 7. Morales of “La Bamba”; 8. Terrier in whodunits; 10. Lecherous figure of Greek myth; 12. Chicken piece; 13. Drooping; 21. Meter maid of song; 25. Onetime Jeep mfr.; 28. Foal’s mother; 29. Cutlass of 88; 30. Haunted house sounds; 31. Mont Blanc, par exemple; 33. Well-behaved; 34. Article that may list survivors, in brief; 35. Burn soother; 36. Common bar order with “the”; 37. “That was ___ …”; 42. “Def Comedy Jam” channel; 43. Seat at a barn dance; 46. Take potshots (at); 47. Jewish holiday when the book of Esther is read; 48. Cousin of a giraffe; 49. Basic belief; 50. Fine fiddle, for short; 54. Credit card statement figure; 55. Do some housecleaning; 56. Capital on a fjord; 57. Way to a man’s heart?; 58. Whirling water.

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