05.06.10 — Graft at the Fore


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Puzzle by Dan Naddor, edited by Will Shortz

Ill-at-ease, it’s okay, andiron, ape suit, outlaws, eat crow and easy rider take well to the grafting of GR at the fore, producing GRILL AT EASE (18A. Barbecue comfortably?), GRITS OKAY (20A. “Are your Southern breakfast vittles satisfactory?”), GRAND IRON (32A. Marvelous golf club?), GRAPE SUIT (35A. Purple outfit?), GROUT LAWS (37A. Rules regarding tile setting?), GREAT CROW (54A. Big black bird?) and GREASY RIDER (56A. Passenger gorging on fried chicken and potato chips?), the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword.

Other — a goodly number of seven-letter answers, EITHER (5A. “Take your pick”), GRANGER (37D. 19th-century farmer), IN-CROWD, MT SINAI, OMELETS, ON A TOUR, PO’BOYS (8A. N’awlins sandwiches), ROSSES and ROSARIO (62A. Family of George’s fiancée on “Seinfeld”), 38D. Karen’s maid on “Will & Grace”), SCHOLAR, STEP-SON (13D. Hamlet, to Claudius), THE NET (16A. Surfing site), TITANIC and TITRATE (30D. It went down in history; 41D. Measure the strength of, in a way), TYING UP (21D. Snarling), YES OR NO (12D. “Don’t evade the question!”).


Short stuff — AGEE, ALD and ALP, ASE and ASS (34D. Numbskull), BEEN, DAHS, DINA, EPPS, ERE, GNU (28D. Animal with a silent head?), GPA, ICS, I SEE, “I THE Jury”, LYE, MALE, MGR, MONY, NALDI, NASA, NEGS, NENE, OATS, “OH TO be in England”, ORS, PTA, REW, SELF, SIM, TAI, TNT, TREF, YRS.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. ___ City (computer game); 4. Columbia org.; 14. Cable channel; 15. Actor Omar of “House”; 17. Suffix with robot; 22. Victorious); 23. When doubled, a #3 hit of 1968 or a #1 hit of 1987; 2. Nonmigratory goose; 25. Some TV drama settings; 26. Anticipates; 28. Jeans brand; 31. Actress Merrill; 40. Wild ___; 43. Won handily; 44. “Little” title figure in a Beach Boys hit; 46. Enzyme suffix; 47. Stag; 51. Silents star Nita; 58. Grossglockner, for one; 60. Pulitzer winner James; 61. ___ chi; 63. Narcissist’s love; 64. Preposition before now. DOWN: 1. Hester Prynne’s “A,” e.g.; 2. Clique; 3. Name of many hospitals and cemeteries; 4. Darkroom production, for short; 5. They come with strings attached; 6. Lace; 7. Lion of Narnia; 8. Org. that usually has a fall start-up meeting; 10. Lived; 11. Carousing; 19. A corrosive; 27. Patisserie offering; 32. 3.0, e.g.; 33. Opposite of FF; 36. Municipal pol.; 39. Egg foo young dishes, basically; 42. Book burrower; 44. Sushi offering; 45. Kind of doll; 47. Restaurant V.I.P.: Abbr.; 48. Met expectations?; 49. Shelf; 52. Morse bits; 53. “Gotcha”; 55. Not kosher; 57. Sentence units: Abbr.

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