05.01.10 — May Day

The Dance around the May Pole, Pieter the Elder Bruegel


Saturday, May 1, 2010 — May Day 

Puzzle by Paula Gamache, edited by Will Shortz

Twelve nine-letter entries are the main feature of this Saturday crossword:

AMEN TO THAT (26D. Response of approval)
ANNOTATES (61A. Gets some words in edgewise?)
CHIEF WAHOO (13D. Cleveland Indians mascot)
EMPTY SUIT (1A. Good-for-nothing)
GOT A MATCH (15A. Light seeker’s question)
MAN BREASTS (12D. Unmacho features)
ON AN ERRAND (14D. Picking up the dry cleaning, e.g.)
SENIOR HIGH (27D. It doesn’t include the lower classes)
SOUND WAVE (58A. It can’t travel in a vacuum)
TEENSPEAK (63A. What many text messages are full of)
WORKS FOR ME (25D. Response of approval)

Eight-letter — DORA MAAR (34A. Picasso’s “private muse”), KNITTING (39A. Mufflers and such), SNIPES AT (37D. Attacks pettily) and THE ONION (9D. Its news network won a 2008 Peabody Award).

Seven — GOOD ONE (40D. “Clever!“), ICE COLD (8D. Opposite of torrid), NATASHA (38A. Adversary of Rocky), PERONS (22A. Populist power couple of the 1940s-‘50s), RENOIRS (36A. Some Musée d’Orsay hangings), SPORTY (48A. Smart).

Six — EATERY (30D. Bite site), MERTON (41A. Wimbledon’s borough), OMERTA (32A. Code broken by Joe Valachi), PETITE (22D. Diminutive), TRIUNE (44D. Like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) and UTTERS (7D. Spits out).

Five — AAMCO (10A. Transmission repair chain), ALBEN (21A. Vice president Barkley), APOLO (11D. Olympic speed skater Ohno), ARILS (33D. Botanical casings), ETHYL (62A. Antiknock fluid), IONIA (18A. Ancient neighbor of Lydia), KENNY (47D. “South Park” parka wearer), MAGNA (60A. Great, to Gaius), OTHER (50A. Alternative), RESOD (45A. Fix, as some bald spots), RHINE (57A. Cologne is found on it), 6D. Earl SANDE, 1930 Triple Crown-winning jockey, SCRAM (23D. Bolt), SLICE (29A. Piece of cake), SPAHN (16A. Eponym of an annual award for best left-handed pitcher), TENON (49D. Dovetail, e.g.), WASTE (25A. It may be radioactive).

Short stuff — ASIA, DECO, DESK, DTS, EDIE, EGGS, EWR, FORK, HARE, MOUE, ORFE, PATE, PTAS, REAL, SESS, SPUD, STO, SWAP, TARS (4D. Hold hands?), TROT, UVEA, YMA (5D. Sumac with a wide range).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 19. Legis. Period; 20. Like many Miami Beach buildings; 24. Ornamental pond fish; 31. Airport alternative to JFK or LGA; 42. Pou ___ (vantage point), 46. Stick with it; 52. Beggar in Sir Walter Scott’s “The Antiquary”; 53. K.P. unit. DOWN: 1. They often take a beating; 2. Sourpuss’s look; 3. Grps. Concerned with class struggle?; 10. Polo setting; 28. Go at a clip; 35. One that may 28-Down; 51. Not fantastic; 53. Quid pro quo; 54. It may have a bald spot; 55. Ciliary body locale; 56. Word after foreign or city; 59. Lush development?

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