05.05.10 — My Oh My!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 — Cinco de Mayo
Puzzle by Dan Schoenholz, edited by Will Shortz

The word MY appears in a single square in eight spaces of this Wednesday crossword:

  • MY OH MY (36A. “Golly!”) is at the center across, also supplying MY for AGRONOMY and SMYRNA (5D. Science for farmers; 28D. Ancient city that lent its name to a fig).
  • SAMMY KAYE is split (1A. With 69-Across, 1930s- ’50s bandleader) sharing its double-letter square with MYSTIC (4D. Old Connecticut whaling town).
  • BITTER ENEMY (17A. Japan, to the U.S., once) and ARMY MOM (9D. One with yellow ribbons, maybe) are joined,
  • continuing with MYRON and MYTHS (32A. Ancient Greek sculptor of athletes; 32D. That you should feed a cold and starve a fever, and others),
  • REMY Martin (cognac brand) and Actor Mike MYERS are coupled,
  • AMY GRANT shares MY SPACE (48A. “Baby Baby” singer, 1991; 49D. Popular social networking site, and this puzzle’s theme),
  • TOMMY MOE, another split entry (50D. With 6-Down, 1994 Olympic gold medalist in downhill skiing) and ALL BY MYSELF (64A. 1976 Eric Carmen hit) finish off the pairings.
Other — ADMIRALS (21A. Fleet elite), I DO I DO (20A. 1966 Mary Martin musical), ISOTOPES (58A. Carbon 14 and uranium 235), JOVIAL (53A. Good-humored), MONISMS (25A. Views that reality is a unitary whole), NEOCON (23A. Ex-lib, maybe), OLD SMOKEY (34D. Snowy peak of song), OMEN II (62A. Subtitle of 1978’s “Damien”), THEATRICS (11D. Courtroom antics, e.g.).

Five-letter — AILED, AMANA, ARIDE, ATARI, ATONE, CIRCE (67A. Homeric sorceress), EASED, GONER, HEDGE, IHEAR, INERT, INSTR, LIFES, METOO (3D. Copycat‘s cry), NEATO, NOMSG, RACER, TALON, TRIPE (37A. Hogwash), SABIN (1D. Oral vaccine developer), VESTS.

Short stuff — ANNA, ARES (14A. Bellicose deity), ATEE, BCE (65D. Pre-A.D.), EARL, EDOM, ELIA, ENOS, EPEE, IMOK, MAKO, MATS, MER, NEED, NOG, OLEN, ONIT, RAES, RAU, SANE, THAN, USES, SSS, SALA (59D. Part of una casa), SANE, SLRS, STDS, TREE.

And then there's this...

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 5. Brand name in the kitchen; 10. Suit to ___; 15. One who’s “toast”; 16. Comparison word; 19. Sleek, in car talk; 39. Eagle’s claw; 41. Place for une ile; 42. Brickyard 400 entrant; 43. Use weasel words; 44. All there; 46. Makes a cat’s-paw of; 47. Sizzling sound; 51. Sushi-rolling accessories; 63. Shark on some menus; 66. Pulitzer-winning author Robert ___ Butler; 68. Word with family or fruit; 70. Made bearable; 71. Criteria: Abbr. DOWN: 2. Take for ___ (hoodwink); 7. Wintour of fashion; 8. More than desire; 10. Game maker since 1972; 12. Sandwich man?; 13. Fourth book of the Book of Mormon; 18. Esau’s descendants’ land; 22. Brass or woodwind: Abbr.; 26. Chinese menu notation; 27. Start of a rumor report; 30. Tool for a duel; 33. Explorer John and actress Charlotte; 35. Creamy beverage; 38. Former German President Johannes; 52. Thing to do on Yom Kippur; 54. Endows (with); 55. Hard to combine, chemically; 56. Was indisposed; 57. Thomas Hardy’s “___ Little Ironies”; 58. “Don’t worry about me”; 60. London Magazine essayist; 61. Some cameras, for short.

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