05.13.10 — Dew Due

Moth covered in water droplets, Daily Mail Reporter 


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Puzzle by Patrick Merrell, edited by Will Shortz

“Oui, oui, monsieur” “deep doo-doo,” “so-and-so,” “waves bye-bye” and “way, way easier” get make-overs and justifying clues in the form of WEE WHEE MONSIEUR (17A. Instruction to an overexcited Frenchman?), DEEP DEW DUE (23A. Really wet grass expected tomorrow morning?), SEW AND SOW (34A. What quilting farmers do?), WAVES BY BUY (45A. Whitecaps next to an underpriced beachfront property?) and WEIGH WHEY EASIER (53A. Simplify things at a ricotta factory?), comprising the interrelated group of this clever Thursday crossword.

Other — AMELIAS, BODY ART, CALMEST, EASTMAN, FOUL-UPS, FREEDOM (11D. Bronze statue on top of the U.S. Capitol), ICE FLOE, IPANEMA, ONE PLEASE (60A. Box office request), REVVING, SCHNAUZER (14A. Asta in the book “The Thin Man,” e.g.), THE REDS (3D. Great American Ball Park team).

Mid-size — AERIE, AGENTS, AHEMS, ASSAY, BRENT, DRAWS, ECHOES (25D. They repeat whatever you say), HOFFA, IRONS, LEMME, NAGAT, OMNIS, TEASES, THROE, TROOP, UNWARY, WE WON (45D. Victors‘ cry), YAHOO (47D. Unsophisticated boob).

Short stuff — ABE and ACE, AHS (15D. Sounds of comprehension), ALER, BOW, CHOP, DIEU, EES and EELS, ELI, ENO and ENS and EPS, ENV, ETTA (24D. Jazzy James), FRAS, GATE, HILT, HTS, HUE, IZE, MOO, NOD (18D. Signal of comprehension), OAR, “OH I don‘t know about that“, OISE, OTTS, PAL and PALM (52A. Date maker), PELT, RES, SITU, SOLE, SSTS and SSW, WHEW (26D. “That’s finally done!“), YET again… 


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Linda J said...

Mr Merrell - I hate to tell you this but there is a mistake in your puzzle for 5/13/2010. Asta from the Thin Man was a Fox Terrier not a Schnauzer

Linda J said...