08.07.13 — LEMON

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Puzzle by Erik Wennstrom / Edited by Will Shortz

TWIST OF LEMON (23D. Drink garnish .. Or a hint to five letters in the answer to each starred clue), along with REAL MONEY (20A. *What paper profits aren’t), ZOOM LENSES (31A. *Photo gear with variable focal lengths), IN NAME ONLY (42A. *Titularly), KILL ME NOW (53A. *Sarcastic remark upon hearing bad news) and STOLEN MOMENT (4D. *Precious, brief time with a loved one), constitute the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Other — BRINY (6D. Like pickle juice), ERNST / MACH (13D. With 61-Across, physicist who studied supersonics), JANE / EYRE (2D/7D. With 2-Down, book that includes the line “Conventionality is not morality”), NASA (55D. Friendship org. of 1962), NEW DAD (59A. One passing out cigars, maybe), PRAGUE (15A. Capital on the Vltava River), SCONCE (47A. Torch holder), UMAMI (29A. Taste whose name means “savoriness” in Japanese).


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Anonymous said...

Late night address

Leno monologue

Chichikov, Sobakevich and Manilov

Gogol men

Verne character with a promotion?

Admiral Nemo

NJ town with a wizard

Menlo Park

South of the border black sauce

Mole negro

Where you can find it

Leon Mexico

Juice stain you get on your skin when eating gourds?


Not a twist but a zest

French daily

Le Monde

Anonymous said...

Appalachian royalty?

Ole Money