11.23.13 — All That Jazz

Detail from the cover of the original recording of the musical “Chicago”, 1975


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Puzzle by Frederick J. Healy / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. It includes pinning and throwing, JU JITSU; 8. “Chicago” setting, JAZZ AGE; 15. Rapture, ELATION; 16. Skyrocket, SHOOT UP; 17. Prepare to pull the trigger, TAKE AIM; 18. Couple seen at a baby shower, BOOTEES; 19. Hard knocks, SLAMS; 20. It might hold up a holdup, ALARM; 22. Reason for a semiannual shift: Abbr., DST; 23. Skunk and such, FURS; 24. Star in Virgo, SPICA; 25. Aid in getting a grip, VISE; 26. Check spec., AMT; 27. Abyss, DEPTH; 28. Modern Persian, FARSI; 29. “That’s clever!”, NEAT IDEA; 31. California’s SALTON Sea (rift lake); 32. Got a 41-Across on, ACED; 33. Billy ZANE who played the Phantom in “The Phantom”; 34. Person with small inventions, FIBBER; 37. Slam dunk stat, HANG TIME; 41. Benchmark mark, A PLUS; 42. They have seats, PANTS; 43. Crew’s director, COX; 44. “Que SAIS-je?” (“What do I know?”: Fr.); 45. “The Great Caruso” title role player, LANZA; 46. Perpetual 10-year-old of TV, BART; 47. Wile E. Coyote buy, TNT; 48. Too, to Thérèse, AUSSI; 49. Board game with black and white stones, PENTE; 50. Pupil of Pissarro, CEZANNE; 52. Like many laptop cameras, BUILT IN; 54. First name among Italian explorers, AMERIGO; 55. With ramifications, AT A COST; 56. Galls, RANKLES; 57. Does some farrier’s work on, RESHOES.

"Ulalume" as illustrated by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, circa 1847–1848

Down —  1. One feeling 15-Across after Super Bowl III, JETS FAN; 2. Title name written “on the door of this legended tomb,” in poetry, ULALUME; 3. Home of Southeast Asia’s largest mosque, JAKARTA; 4. News briefs, ITEMS; 5. Colombian kinfolk, TIAS; 6. “SO I see”; 7. Like the human genome, before the 1990s, UNMAPPED; 8. “St. John Passion” composer, J S BACH; 9. Now, to Nicholás, AHORA; 10. Choice for a long shot, ZOOM; 11. Sound in the comic “B.C.”, ZOT; 12. Groveled, ATE DIRT; 13. Tepid consent, GUESS SO; 14. Sitcom pal of Barbarino and Horshack, EPSTEIN; 21. Grammy-nominated LITA Ford; 24. No-yeast feast, SEDER; 25. Parking meeter?, VALET; 27. Cuts up, DICES; 28. Adder’s defense, FANGS; 30. They’re off-limits, TABU; 31. Pole star?, SANTA; 33. Its main island is Ungulja, ZANZIBAR; 34. Asset in a drag contest, FAST CAR; 35. When a girl who’s “like a samba,” in song, IPANEMA; 36. Member of 31-Down’s team, BLITZEN; 37. HANS Geiger of Geiger counter fame; 38. You’re not the only one!”, I CAN TOO; 39. Recess for a joint, MORTISE; 40. Reaches, EXTENTS; 42. Leisurely strolls, PASEOS; 45. It’s often parried, LUNGE; 46. Impolite interruption, BELCH; 48. Indigo source, ANIL; 49. Spinal cord surrounders, PIAS; 51. Rescue vessel?, ARK; 53. Relative of Aztec, UTE.


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