11.09.13 — Cassiopeia's Crossword

The king of Ethiopia Cepheus and the queen Cassiopeia thank Perseus for freeing their daughter Andromeda, La Délivrance d'Andromède (1679) Pierre Mignard, Louvre


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Puzzle by Michael Ashley / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Made a seat-of-the-pants error?, BUTT DIALED; 11. “Your mama wears army boots,” e.g., GIBE; 15. Rioting, ON A RAMPAGE; 16. Popular pizza place, informally, UNOS; 17. Washington, D.C., has a famous one, TIDAL BASIN; 18. Greets enthusiastically, in a way, MOBS; 19. One working in an corner in an office?, STAPLER; 20. Eastern Woodlands native, SAC; 22. Noted eavesdropper, for short, NSA; 23. Covenants, PACTS; 25. Splendiferous, LOVELY; 27. Bar supply, ICE; 30. SIMI Valley; 31. Sulky, IN A PET; 32. Tandoori-baked fare, NANS; 34. “Yes” to an invitation, LET’S; 36. One way to stand, ASIDE; 37. They may result when you run into people, BRIEF ENCOUNTERS; 40. Hognose snake, ADDER; 41. Of two minds, TORN; 42. SCUT work; 43. Lender, legally speaking, DEBTEE; 45. Lo MEIN; 47. 50% nonunion?, ENS; 48. “Gunsmoke” setting, SALOON; 49. Marina sight, SLOOP; 51. Classic Northwest brew ski, OLY; 52. Charlie’s land, NAM; 54. Like a tennis match without a break?, ON SERVE; 58. Like many a gen., RET’D; 60. Mother of Andromeda, CASSIOPEIA; 62. “Iliad” locale, TROY; 63. Settles in, say, TAKES A SEAT; 64. Job application info, for short, SSNS; 65. Nootropics, more familiarly, SMART PILLS.

Down — 1. Internet prowlers, BOTS; 2. Hand or foot, UNIT; 3. Cry frequently made with jazz hands, TA DA; 4. Georg von TRAPP; 5. Vice president after whom a U.S. city is thought to have been named, DALLAS; 6. Ninny, IMBECILE; 7. Best Picture of 1960, with “The”, APARTMENT; 8. LAS Palmas; 9. Breastplate of Athena, EGIS; 10. “The High One”, DENALI; 11. Where a canine sits?, GUM; 12. Whole, IN ONE PIECE; 13. Winter Olympics sight, BOBSLED RUN; 14. They use blue books, ESSAY TESTS; 21. TV show headed by a former writer for “S.N.L.”, CONAN; 24. “Mom” and “Mama’s Family”, SITCOMS; 26. Poetic expanses, VASTS; 27. Grumpy, IN BAD SORTS; 28. They use Blue Books, CAR DEALERS; 29. “The Wishing-Chair” series creator, ENID BLYTON; 33. Manage, SEE TO; 35. Whiner, of a sort, SORE LOSER; 38. Kind of compressor, FREON; 39. Yankee, once, UNIONIST; 44. Passes, ENACTS; 46. “Uh-uh!”, NO SOAP; 50. #2 pop, PEPSI; 53. Title with an apostrophe, MA’AM; 55. Appear stunned, REEL; 56. Apothecary item, VIAL; 57. Din-din, EATS; 59. Prefix with peptic, DYS; 61. 2 Tone influence, SKA.


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