11.02.13 — Soup with Nuts

Pork Ribs Soup with Winter Melon and Gingko Nuts


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Puzzle by Tom Heilman / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Insignificant row, SQUABBLE; 9. Traffic reporter’s aid, JAMCAM; 15. Big rush, maybe, EUPHORIA; 16. Twin’s rival, ORIOLE; 17. Offerer of stock advice, TIP SHEET; 18. Grown-up who’s not quite grown up, KIDULT; 19. No big shot?, BBS; 20. Nasty intentions, MALICE; 22. Threatening word, ELSE; 23. Overseas rebellion cry, ABAS; 25. One may be played by a geisha, KOTO; 26. Wasn’t given a choice, HAD TO; 27. “You be “ILLIN” (1986 hip-hop hit); 29. Super German?, WUNDERBAR; 31. Pressure, LEAN ON; 33. Launch site, PIER; 34. Where many airways are cleared, briefly, ERS; 35. Antithesis of 32-Down, SOUP; 37. Common sound in Amish country, CLOP; 39. Large amount, SEA; 42. Classics with 389 engines, GTOS; 44. Scrammed, LIT OUT; 48. Like Fabergé eggs, EXQUISITE; 51. Schoolyard retort, CAN SO; 52. Carry A TUNE; 53. So great, SUCH; 55. Paving block, SETT; 56. Golf lesson topic, GRIP; 57. Goes downhill, DECAYS; 59. Troubling post-engagement status, briefly, MIA; 60. Doctor, REVISE; 62. They were labeled “Breakfast,” “Dinner” and “Supper”, K RATIONS; 64. 2002 César winner for Best Film, AMELIE; 65. Real rubbish, UTTER ROT; 66. Lease significant, MEREST; 67. It really gets under your skin, PET PEEVE.

Down — 1. Determine the value of freedom?, SET BAIL; 2. Carp, QUIBBLE; 3. Scandinavia’s oldest university, UPPSALA; 4. Sneeze lead-ins, AHS; 5. Austrian conductor Karl BÖHM; 6. Recess, BREAK; 7. Be quiet, say, LIE LOW; 8. Savor the flattery, EAT IT UP; 9. It’s bad when nobody gets it, JOKE; 10. “The Guilt Trip” actress ARI Graynor; 11. Like some cartilage piercing, MID EAR; 12. “Possibly”, COULD BE; 13. Dream team member, ALL-STAR; 14. Planet threateners, METEORS; 21. Like a top, CONIC; 24. Stain producers, SINS; 26. Gallant, HEROIC; 28. Result of knuckling down?, NOOGIE; 30. Hollow, DELL; 32. Antithesis of 35-Across, NUTS; 36. Pageant judging criterion, POISE; 38. Ed supporters, PTAS; 39. Park Avenue’s SEAGRAM Building; 40. Radical, EXTREME; 41. Shaking, AQUIVER; 43. Sniffing a lot, STUCK UP; 45. What a slightly shy person may request, ONE MORE; 46. 1967 Emmy winner for playing Socrates, USTINOV. “As you like it” phrase, TO TASTE; 49. What a bunch of footballers might do, UNPILE; 50. Game in which the lowest card is 7, ECARTE; 54. Marriott rival, HYATT; 57. Preventer of many bites, DEET; 58. Bit of action, STEP; 61. Household name?, SIS; 63. Soreness, IRE.


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