11.30.13 — Saturday Sundry

“Painting the Town Red”, photograph taken outside 31 Dame Street, Dublin. Just one tiny glimpse of the city wide effort that was put into sprucing up Dublin for the Eucharistic Congress of 1932, overseen in this instance by a very dapper man in plus fours and Argyle socks.


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Puzzle by Byron Walden and Brad Wilber
Edited by Will Shortz

The usual Saturday grab bag…

Across — 1. 1960s sitcom character with the catchphrase “I see nothing!”, SGT SCHULTZ; 11. Kvetch, CRAB; 15. Pitchblende, e.g., URANIUM ORE; 16. Disney title character surnamed Petekai, LILO; 17. Singles collection?, DATING POOL; 18. Hostile, UGLY; 19. Malignant acts, SPITE; 20. “Not serious!”, I KID; 21. Lose one’s place?, SHOW; 22. Itches, YENS; 23. Places gowns are worn for short, ORS; 24. Setting for many reprises, ACT TWO; 26. Elated outpouring, PAEAN; 28. Hercules type, HE-MAN; 29. Result of some fermentation, BIOGAS; 33. Ingredient in Worcestershire sauce, TAMARIND; 35. Still in the 17-Across, UNMATED; 37. Still, SILENCE; 38. Second baseman in both of the Dodgers’ 1980s World Series, STEVE SAX; 40. Like South Carolina vis-à-vis North Carolina, politically, REDDER; 41. Storied abductee, HELEN; 42. Sports mascot who’s a popular bobblehead figure, MR MET; 44. Ring, WREATH; 48. Comfort’s partner, AID; 47. “The X-Files” project, for short, SETI; 51. Verb in the world’s first telegraph message, HATH; 52. Watergate units: Abbr., APTS; 54. Embroidery loop, PICOT; 55. Brand once pitched by Garfield, ALPO; 56. Where filing work is done, NAIL SALONS; 58. Relative of aloha or shalom, CIAO; 59. Home of the WNBA’s Silver Stars, SAN ANTONIO; 60. Transcendental aesthetic developer, KANT; 61. Accent for plus fours, often, ARGYLE SOCK.

The Hanseatic Warehouse in King's Lynn is the only surviving League building in England

Down — 1. Like many drafts, SUDSY; 2. Lollipop selection, GRAPE; 3. Tarte TATIN (French apple dessert); Uncooperative moods, SNITS; 5. What César awards honor, CINE; 6. Stick close to, HUG; 7. One paid to make calls, UMPIRE; 8. Considers, LOOKS AT; 9. “Star Trek:  T.N.G.” role, TROI; 10. Literary wife in “Midnight in Paris”, ZELDA; 11. Nearly set?, CLUSTERED; 12. Judicious state, RIGHT MIND; 13. Minor payment, ALLOWANCE; 14. Early riser?, BOY WONDER; 23. Locales that may be well-supplied?, OASES; 25. Digs on a slope, CHALET; 26. Recognition not sought by Benjamin Franklin, PATENT; 27. Rapper with the 2012 album “Life is Good”, NAS; 29. Clear one’s way, in a way, BUSHWHACK; 30. Latin condenser, INTER ALIA; 31. Cookware that’s often hinged, OMELET PAN; 32. Cared, GAVE A HOOT; 34. Overcome by mud, MIRED; 36. Weir, DAM; 39. Blue label, X RATING; 43. Lose, MISLAY; 45. Medieval merchants’ guild, HANSA; 47. Grain elevator components, SILOS; 48. Discount, in combination, ECONO; 49. Vodka TONIC; 50. “There, there”, IT’S OK; 53. “Up to PAAR” (1952 game show); 54. Fancy spread, PÂTÉ; 57. Show on Sen. Franken’s résumé, SNL.


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Anonymous said...

"What hath God wrought" wasn't even the first message transmitted with Morse code by Samuel Morse, let alone the first electric telegraph message, which I don't believe is known. As for other types such as the semaphore telegraph, they go a lot further back.