11.22.13 — Puzzle du Jour


Friday, November 22, 2013

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Congratulations to Will Shortz who celebrates 20 Years as Editor of the New York Times Crossword today.

Across — 1. Milk additive, BOSCO; 5. TV actor who lived, appropriately, in Hawaii, JACK LORD; 14. Hoyt AXTON who wrote “Joy to the World”; 1. Go-getter on the hunt, RETRIEVER; 16. Catch, SNARE; 17. Reverse order?, ABOUT FACE; 18. “Wrong” way to spell a world leader’s name in a New York Times crossword, according to a 1999 episode of The West Wing”, QADDAFI; 20. Gets ensconced, NESTLES; 21. Altdorf’s canton, URI; 22. 19th-century abbot and scientist, MENDEL; 24. Word that begins with an apostrophe, ‘TIS; 25. Cheese made from the milk of Friesian cows, EDAM; 27. Reposes, LIES; 28. Relative of a leek, CHIVE; 30. Otherworldly, ALIEN; 32. Showing irritation, PAINED; 33. On-deck circle?, LIFE PRESERVER; 36. First name in pop, CELINE; 37. Arm bones, ULNAE; 38. Charles who was born Angelo Siciliano, ATLAS; 39. Reproductive cell, OVUM; 40. Bar in a shower stall, SOAP; 44. Moniker, TAG; 45. John Hopkins program, PRE-MED; 47. Beat oneself up about, RUE; 48. Authorized, as to read secrets, CLEARED; 51. Paternity prover, DNA TEST; 53. Dicey issue, HOT POTATO; 55. Light-reflecting shade, WHITE; 58. Deep-fried treat, ONION RING; 57. Third-place finisher in 2004 and 2008, NADER; 58. Unwelcome benchmark?, WET PAINT; 59. Cygnet’s parents, SWANS.

Down — 1. Language of Navarre, BASQUE; 2. City that hosts the California Strawberry Festival, OXNARD; 3. Places for races, STADIA; 4. Drapery attachment, CORD; 5. Wee hour, ONE AM; 6. One of the Bushes, JEB; 7. Makes up (for), ATONES; 8. Monstrous, CRUEL; 9. Modelists’ purchases, KITS; 10. Took a powder, LEFT; 11. Milk additive, OVALTINE; 12. Stereo system component, RECEIVER; 13. Showing some wear?, DRESSER; 15. Only so-called “Decade Volcano” in the continental U.S., RAINIER; 19. FELIPE González, longest-serving democratically elected Spanish P.M.; 23. Star of Buñuel’s “Belle de Jour”, DENEUVE; 26. Group that offers “protection”, MAFIA; 28. Beloved, in Bologna, CARA; 29. Possible skin test reaction, HIVES; 31. Cinematography choice, LENS; 32. Scribes, PENMEN; 33. Never mind, LET ALONE; 34. Phone line?, I’LL GET IT; 35. Title sort of person in 2008’s Best Picture, SLUMDOG; 36. Purina product, CAT CHOW; 39. Officially make, ORDAIN; 41. Brand in the frozen food aisle, OREIDA; 42. “Northanger Abbey”, AUSTEN; 43. Dwindles to nothing, with “out”, PETERS; 45. PETRI dish; 46. Begins to develop, DAWNS; 49. Each, A POP; 50. Author RONA Jaffe; 52. Détente, THAW; 54. Shell filler, TNT.


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