11.25.13 — Stickers and Stingers

Lamborghini Reventón


Monday, November 25, 2013

Puzzle by Kevin G. Der / Edited by Will Shortz

This wicked Monday crossword greets the morning rush hour with the beginnings of bumper sticker slogans. Four of these clichés appear in our puzzle today as follows:

  • I’D RATHER BE IN … (20A. Start of a bumper sticker may may end with one’s favorite vacation spot)
  • HONK IF YOU LOVE … (29A. Start of a bumper sticker that may end with one’s favorite hobby)
  • MY OTHER CAR IS A … (45A. Start of a bumper sticker that my end with one’s favorite (usually expensive) vehicle) how about a Lamborghini Reventón?
  • WILL BRAKE FOR … (54A. Start o a bumper sticker that may end with one’s favorite attraction)

Mexican west coast rattlesnake

Other — BAD OMEN (44D. Troubling sign of things to come), DNA SAMPLING (25D. Gathering of biological evidence after an arrest), EXPELLED (9D. Kicked out), FUTURAMA (39D. Comedy Central cartoon set in the year 3000), IN HEAVEN (40D. Beyond elated), JAM and JAR (1D. Alternative to jelly; 61D. Jelly container), KNISH (36D. Jewish turnover), MILADY (6D. Term of address for a noblewoman), SANDPIT (5D. Hole dug on a beach), SATAY and THAI (37D. 4-Down skewered meat dish; 4D. Spicy ethnic food)), SIDE BENEFIT (11D. Secondary advantage), TEA HOUSE (8D. Place to sip oolong), VIPER (32D. Venomous snake).


Something for the rush hour ...

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