11.16.13 — Zap!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Nothing to say about this joyless Saturday crossword.

Across — 1. Air protection program?, APPLECARE; 10. Italian alternative, RANCH; 15. Tight squeeze for a couple?, DOUBLE BED; 16. Where Union Pacific is headquartered, OMAHA; 17. 1992 chart-topper that mentions “my little turn on the catwalk”, I’M TOO SEXY; 18. Tar, MATEY; 19. 65-Across’s title: Abbr., DET; 20. Evian competitor, NAYA; 21. Gun shows?, OATERS; 22. A or O, but not B, ALER; 24. First name in fashion, RALPH; 26. One going for the big bucks, DOE; 27. SOROS Fund Management (investment company); 29. Strike-monitoring org., NLRB; 30. Contact on Facebook, POKE; 31. Time reversal?, STET; 33. Tore to shreds, SAVAGED; 35. Diehard sort, ZEALOT; 38. Dangerous things to go on, BINGES; 39. Long, slender glass for drinking beer, ALEYARD; 41. River to the North Sea, TYNE; 42. Lowly one, PEON; 43. Quarterly magazine published by Boeing, AERO; 45. Norwegian Romanticist, GRIEG; 49. Anti, CON; 50. Sch. In Madison, N.J., DREW U; 52. ANNA Gunn, “Breaking Bad” co-star; 53. Killing it, ON FIRE; 56. Make a touchdown, LAND; 58. Star opening?, TRI; 59. Turning blue, maybe, MOLDY; 60. Prevent a crash, say, FORCE QUIT; 62. Triumphant cry, I RULE; 63. “Buy high and sell low,” e.g., BAD ADVICE; 64. Baselines?, X-AXES; 65. Case worker, INSPECTOR.

Down — 1. Springblade producer, ADIDAS; 2. Marmalade fruit, POMELO; 3. Green piece, PUTTER; 4. Wall Street initis., LBO; 5. ELON Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors and PayPal; 6. Millan who’s known as “the Dog Whisperer”, CESAR; 7. Temporarily inactive, ABEYANT; 8. REXALL Place (Edmonton Oilers’ arena); 9. Frozen food aisle eponym, EDY; 10. See 11-Down, ROMA; 11. She loves, in 10-Down, AMAT; 12. “G-Funk Classics” rapper, NATE DOGG; 13. Iroquoian tongue, CHEROKEE; 14. Provincials, HAYSEEDS; 21. “Holy smokes!”, OH BABY; 23. Long Island Rail Road station, ROSLYN; 25. Old phone trio, PRS; 28. Spartan gathering place, STOA; 30. Bakery/café chain, PANERA; 32. Schwab rival, E-TRADE; 34. VING Rhames of “Mission: Impossible”; 35. Pioneering underground publication of the 1960s, ZAP COMIX; 36. Early tragedienne ELEONORA Duse; 37. 1990s sci-fi series, AEON FLUX; 40. Alternative to die, DER; 41. In the direction of, TOWARDS; 44. Make further advances?, RELOAN; 46. Sense, INTUIT; 47. Italian P.M. ENRICO Letta; 48. Boot covering, GAITER; 51. Open, in a way, UNCAP; 54. Kind of threat, IDLE; 55. Certain spirits, RYES; 57. Frankie Avalon’s “DE DE Dinah”; 60. Org. with a top 10 list, FBI; 61. Shopper’s choice, QVC.


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