11.05.13 — WI / SE Crack

Bellerophon on Pegasus (detail), 1747, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Puzzle by Paul Gamache / Edited by Will Shortz

WISECRACK (60A. Witticism … or, literally, a description of the answer to each of the four starred clues?), along with WILD GEESE (17A. *Migratory flock), WINEHOUSE (30A. *Singer Amy with six Grammys), WINGED HORSE (36A. *Pegasus, notably)  and WIN OR LOSE (42A. *Regardless of the outcome …”) constitute the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.

Other — ANTI-NUKE (11D. Like a “Better active today than radioactive tomorrow” sentiment), I’M BACK (46D. “It’s me again”), INDUS (31D. River through Pakistan), PHARAOH (27D. Dummy, maybe), WARNERS (24D. Brothers of old Hollywood), WINNIPEG (36D. Manitoba’s capital), YANKS (66A. Bronx Bombers).


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